The White Ribbons – Leftovers /s.o.p.h.i.e

Released earlier this year but kind of lost in the onslaught of the covid pandemic, the latest single from British rockers The White Ribbons is an incitement which deserves fresh attention especially as the band prepares their first album, an already highly anticipated offering scheduled for release next year. The single is an encounter which commands thought and attention, its songs beguiling and presence evocative and altogether a treat for the ears.

It was simply a jam session midway through 2017 which led four musicians, through its enjoyment, to unite in a band, one inspired by and in support of the global White Ribbon movement and its fight to end male violence against women. Since then The White Ribbons has honed a striking live presence and reputation, one soon kick started and first tasted at their debut outing at the legendary Morecambe Nice n Sleazy Punk/Ska Festival, a first potent invitation to fun and mischief united with serious messages offered with alluring enterprise.

Second track, s.o.p.h.i.e, reflects the band’s similarly close connection with and support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The song is a more animated rocker, again punk and rock fused to bear its earnest voice and heart.  As with its predecessor there is no missing seventies influences in its contagion, a power pop hue coating its punk ‘n’ roll urgency and fuelling its hook sharing, virulent riff driven infectiousness. With both songs there are no unnecessary frills but each has an enterprise which provides a rich canvas of temptation to feast upon whilst uniting thoughts and emotions.

The Leftovers /s.o.p.h.i.e single epitomises the potency of their punk/alt rock fusion sound and creative provocation, revealing the reasons why attention and acclaim has escalated around the Bradford and Manchester hailing quartet. The track Leftovers alone is reason enough to bypass prospective new releases to explore its slightly older presence. A thick temptation of bass beckons ears first, its lure lean but rich and soon joined by further rhythmic coaxing and the radiance spilling charm of guitar, its melodic voice and resonance equally captivating. Similarly vocals beguiled as drama brewed in every creative lining and tempestuousness wrapped the breath of the song. Haunting with moments of fiery exclamation, the track bears essences of Bowie, Psychedelic Furs and The Only Ones in its inescapably magnetic presence.

The single also bears a bonus track in the shape of Social Work, Cats and Rocket Science, a slice of folk hued, social punk which again only had ears and thoughts eagerly engaged across an adventurously evocative body.

If like us you missed the first days and weeks of its release there is no better time to remedy the missing out on one of the best singles this year, our thanks to Uncle Stu of STP records for our enlightenment, and most likely the inciting of keen anticipation for much more from The White Ribbons ahead.

Leftovers /s.o.p.h.i.e is out now.

 Check out the band at and  as well as the amazing work of  and  

Pete RingMaster 01/10/2020

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