Strangers With Guns – Disenfranchised Fetus

Emerging in 2019, Strangers With Guns is a band which quickly drew praise and recognition that same year through debut album Degenerate Art. Their sound is a thick and powerful collusion of styles and textures which has in turn made their recently released new EP, Disenfranchised Fetus, the source of eager attention. It is an encounter offering four tracks which command attention as they trespass the senses, the dark shadows they bear predatory and compelling.

Hailing from Dublin, Strangers With Guns brew an imposing sound from a fusion of grunge, doom, and metal with plenty more in its breath. Familiarity of inspirations said to include Faith No More, Butthole Surfers, Melvins, and Rollins Band align to individuality and fresh invention to provide an incitement we found impossible to ignore.

Disenfranchised Fetus opens with Cants and straightaway it had ears attentive, Jeff Crosdale’s guitar cast stoner groove easily swaying attention and intrigue, both further fed by prowling rhythms which quickly align themselves to the rich temptation. Metal bred lures soon add their weight to the rich persuasion, the song almost stalking the listener whilst escalating the bait of its grooves and heavy, rapacious riffs. The predominantly spoken vocals of Crosdale continue to add to the persuasion and its predatory breath, it all erupting in a vociferous roar across the increasingly compelling and enterprising incitement.

The great start is followed by I Got This which from a lone source of bait equally had us hooked, this time a deliciously dirty grumbling bassline from Rick Wright leading the way. Psych sheen sways of guitar soon wrap its escalating temptation, the rumble in the song increasing as riffs and grooves revel in a muscular fusion of doom and grunge. It swiftly proved an appetite nagging affair with bursts of punk infused ferocity, driven by Paul Rennick’s hungrily flying beats, only increasing its incessant persuasion, a Therapy?-esque essence coating the uproar.

Last Tango In Paris is next up and similarly enjoyably hounds the senses, its grooves rapacious as riffs tunnel beneath the skin. There is a punk infusion in its grunge metal tempest, contagion soaking every aspect as it harassed and incited greater devouring of its voracious exploits before Someone Needs A Hug brings the release to a gripping close.

The final track immediately entangles eager attention in scuzzy desert rock lures, its grooves a fevered incitement as rhythms eagerly stroll. A fusion of QOTSA, Nirvana and Gruntruck lines it’s swiftly hypnotic adventure, the song taking favourite track honours with every creative twist and devilish turn it offers. With the gnarly swing of the bass icing on the addictive cake, it is an irresistible end to one ear gripping release.

Quite simply both Strangers With Guns and the Disenfranchised Fetus EP warrant the thickest of attention, certainly something easier said than found but if not now something which will surely rise up around the band at some point.

Disenfranchised Fetus is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 01/10/2020

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