Fight The Fight – Deliverance

A raging storm upon ears which twisted the senses as it ferociously entangled the imagination. That pretty much sums up the impact the new album from Norwegian metallers Fight The Fight made upon us but only gives a clue to the rousing and striking prowess found within Deliverance, a release which joins a group of the most momentous sonic trespasses of an equally tempestuous year.

From the moment they released debut single, Perfect Combination, towards the rear of 2016 Fight the Fight has increasingly provoked attention and acclaim with their uncompromising fiery sound. It is a proposition which unapologetically harasses and blasts the senses whilst infesting bodies with grooves which similarly demand participation. Within its turbulence there is also a vocal and emotive roar which similarly sears flesh and spirit; a combination which made their self-titled first album a notable incitement and has seen the band lure thick praise and support across all the major festivals in Norway and during their ventures into Europe with their dramatic and explosive live shows. There is a feeling though that we have heard nothing yet whilst listening to the sonic tempest of Deliverance, an encounter which will surely unleash major attention and success upon the quintet.

The aggression uncaged by Deliverance is at times vicious bordering on the violent yet its contagiousness is virulent throughout as those aforementioned grooves string the listener along like a puppeteer whilst rich melodic flames light up the creative landscape. It is a tempest which is echoed in the band’s vocals led by the fervent tones of Lars Vegas. His delivery is as fierce, caustic and intensely adventurous as the addictive noise around him yet in its depth too is a harmonic fertility which maybe singes rather than seduces but makes for a vital temptation.

The release erupts upon ears with its title track, a single melodic lure drawing ears into a waiting tumult. Its eruption is slowly drawn, its elements gathering in portentous breath before breaking into a groove driven stroll bearing just as fateful hues. The guitars of Amok and Lord entwine and entice as the song continues to brew an animus subsequently unleashed upon the barbarous assault of drummer Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow and HM’s bassline incursion. It is a savage affair but one as infectious as it is punishing, its varied metal breeding a cauldron of creative bait epitomised by Vegas’ murderous manipulation of word and breath.

The attention demanding start is matched and built upon by new single Ritual, its instant march invasive and anthemic. Its every rhythmic step is a senses shuddering incitement within a web of sonic lures sprung by the guitars. In no time Vegas fuels the vehement toned contagion of the track, a twisted mix of the stately and sadistic as industrial metal essences collude with groove and death metal nurtured instincts leading to infection loaded melodic metalcore eruptions. As within all songs, it is a fluid and skilfully woven proposal infesting the senses and imagination alike; an incitement impossible not to eagerly leap within and participate with.

Triggerfinger is just as potent and manipulative; its exploits something akin to a sermon performed by Skindred, Blood simple and Lamb Of God and immediately under the skin working its addictive persuasion. Its threat and tempting spirals and escalates as the song twists its lures around ears, another rich trait of the band’s music, unpredictability commanding a subservience eagerly given.

That diversity and variety within Fight The Fight’s sound similarly called on instincts, Calling You Back another which pushes the album’s envelope as melodic and nu metal flavours unite with heavy and groove metal voracity. Keys add to its rich tapestry, the ferocity of other songs undiminished within its   incandescent body and in full appetite as the following Pacemaker barges in with flying rhythms and vocal antipathy. It too shares a body as infectious and melodically enticing as it is intrusively barbarous, the band only breeding greater captivation which is soon reinforced by the dark and ominous but melodically radiant Dying, its melancholic grace alone mesmeric around the inevitable and just as gripping emotive and physical turbulence.

Instantly living up to the intimation of its title, the outstanding Pitbull flies at and chews upon the listener with its ravenous creative jaws, casting them in a feral embrace as savage as it is mercilessly catchy with hardcore hues only adding to its swiftly addictive assault while Love with its matching irritability casts another richly woven and passionately delivered uproar. It is a song which prowls and stalks the senses with its nu metal meets melodic metalcore seduction, each caress a scorching enthralment.

The final pair of Turbo Sex and Paradigm brings the release to a mighty close, the first a dynamic slice of feral rock ‘n’ roll. Grooves act like vines of infernal temptation as Vegas’ Mephistophelian tones work away, again rhythms leaving the body bruised, battered and blissful. Its successor epitomises the union of ferocity and catchiness in the band’s imagination, innovation and terror united in the midst of compelling enterprise.

It is a superb conclusion to a slab of magnificence announcing Fight the Fight as the real and big deal and the kind of protagonist we need to fire us all up in a turmoil driven world.

Deliverance is released September 18th via Indie Recordings (EU/ROW) and Metal Blade (US) with pre-ordering available @

Pete RingMaster 14/09/2020

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