Fange – Poigne


Less than a handful of months since the release of their outstanding third album, Pudeur, French outfit Fange have unleashed a new insatiable ravening in the shape of ferocious 12” Poigne. It is an encounter which devours air and listener with irritable, indeed rancorous, discord; the relief of survival and pleasure from it rousingly palpable.

With their cauldron of sludge, death metal, and industrial voracity Fange have embraced acclaim across their releases with Pudeur their most formidable yet. Poigne though sees the band immerse in the industrial bred side of their creative noise and quickly results in a unique trespass just as striking and irresistible as its recent predecessor. With Jean-Baptiste Lévêque alongside the trio of Antoine Perron, Benjamin Moreau, and Matthias Jungbluth, Fange draw on every physical and emotional enmity imaginable for the four noise corruptions making up their EP. It is a fearsome and invasive incitement as virulently contagious as it is mercilessly predacious, the discontent and imagination behind it tangible perpetrators and together a welcome corrosion of the senses.

Produced and mixed by Cyrille Gachet, Poigne opens with Les Jours Azurs. The track rises from static mist which alone quickly infests fears while in turn the pungent rhythmic step which follows, with Jungbluth’s intimidating tones alongside, offers pure menace. Wave by wave synths uncage their contention, the intensity of the moment escalating through the predatory pulse of the track as layer upon layer of malevolence crawls over the senses. Each weave of sound is a friction of antipathy, an emotive trespass which even soaks the subsequent warped melodic calm which allows a quick breath before the senses are again submerged in the track’s sunless dissension.

It is a glorious start to the release, a moment to decide whether to run or embrace, the latter rewarded with the following consumptive virulence of Flamme Mourante. Again rhythms infect the body like puppetry strings, directing muscles and limbs as synths uncage their industrial bitterness. The melodic threads which emerge in the lining of the crawling tempest are equally as toxic but their embers pure invitation into the tumult.

D’Un Désarroi L’Autre is next up, its own intimate malevolence coating the electronic sprinkles scorching ears from the song’s first breath. Once into its minacious stroll, webs of caustic textures and frictious wiring strengthen the infestation, band and track casting a perilous adventure which quickly proved debilitating and addictive.

Closing up the EP, Géhenne squeezes from the speakers before a tide of consuming sound upon unapologetically imposing and manipulative electronic rhythms beset the senses. Venom drips from every syllable as acrimony soaks every twist and turn, each becoming more predatory and compelling as too is the melodic rapture which blossoms to shed radiance and magnetic light on the infernal consummation between noise and imagination.

Poigne is an enthralling if exhausting encounter, its every second pure drama and temptation greedily devoured by our ravished but lustful ears.

The Poigne 12″ EP is out now via Throatruiner Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 27/08/2020

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