Fore – Hombres

Twelve songs across 22 minutes of riotously rousing punk rock, there is little not to find real enthusiasm for in recommending Hombres, the debut album of US outfit Fore. Formed earlier this year, the band is the coming together of vocalist Brian Stephenson (Old James, Skull Fist), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Massacre, The Absence), bassist Christian “Speesy” Giesler (Kreator), and drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc, Massacre, The Absence), a unity echoed in the title of an album which revels in all the aspects which makes punk so hungrily sought after.

Self released by the band, Hombres instantly had ears glued with opener Pets, the song thrusting eager riffs and esurient rhythms with relish as rhythms enjoyably harass. Stephenson’s magnetic vocals head the infectious incitement, the band’s sound sparking thoughts of bands such as Bad Religion, Pennywise and Hagfish yet setting out its own individuality.

It is a potent and highly persuasive start to the release and one quickly backed up by the virulent assault of Diagnosis. With a slight Clash-esque spice to its initial clamour, the track soon slips into an addictive stroll before lifting its energy and intensity once more to seal the deal. With manipulation lining every edge and twist, it makes way for the equally rousing What’s Right For You. There is an anthemic breath to each of the songs within Hombres, this and successor, Churchill Quote, epitomising that lure. The fourth track prowls around with attitude and threat, its riffs a hungry courting of the senses which in turn are tenaciously snapped at by Kling’s rapacious rhythms.

That instinctive aggression is as fertile within next up It’s Not You, It’s Me, the melodically lined flames of guitar which ignite its intensity tempered by the catchiness of Stephenson’s vocals yet reinforced by the uncompromising if again contagious bite of Giesler and Kling’s rhythmic trespass. It is a mix which easily slipped under the skin and in turn ensured Song For A Friend made a just as potent impact. The alluring growl of the bass proved just the first compelling bait in the track’s temptation. Unpredictable twists breaking within the song’s virulence only adding to its untamed spirit and call.

The fertile uproar of Movement soon took a firm grip on favourite song honours, its call to arms like holler an inescapable draw to one’s own physical animation while World Won’t Wait, with its eagerly catchy ravening and hardcore seeded ferocity, and Find A Way through another hardcore bred strident roar only brought new waves of eagerness to the pleasure found in Hombres.

The pop punk infectiousness of All Comes Crashing springs another potent aspect of the release, its rousing exploits around a great meaty bassline from Giesler soon directing vocal participation and staking its claim on best track choice with the following Knocked Down declaring its nomination through a ferocious clamour around another gripping rhythmic manipulation. Imagination and unpredictability soaks the outstanding track, Fore merging numerous punk essences in its riveting body sealing that final best song decision.

Today We Rise (No Tomorrow) completes the release with another galvanic call out for spirit and defiance, the track a final surge of the band’s anthemic and creative prowess which goes to make Hombres one thickly enjoyable encounter with the potential of bigger and bolder exploits ahead lurking in its impressive body.

Hombres is out now via Smoke & Mirrors Productions; available @

Pete RingMaster 20/08/2020

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