Thudd – Not My Type


Having caught our imagination with their recent single Brawl (Fight), UK rockers Thudd were sure of keen intrigue here towards new EP, Not My Type. Offering four slices of the band’s deviously infectious and unapologetically forceful sound, the debut EP easily built on the potential and prowess of that initial lure.

Brighton based, Thudd have woven a sound which is bred from a melodic rock meets alternative rock like heart but embraces an array of other flavours including nu and alternative metal. A list of inspirations hints at the variety in their sound, the likes of Volbeat, Sabaton, Within Temptation, Periphery, and Arctic Monkeys influences to the band and it is this almost kaleidoscopic hue which made each track within the EP unpredictable and eventful.

It is Brawl (Fight) which starts things off within the EP, the song instantly winding a wiry groove around ears as it begins its prowling of the listener. Almost sizing them up, it is a gripping start which is soon firmly established with the melodic tones of Jack Brown across the growing predacious strains of riffs and similarly imposing rhythms. The swing cast by the guitar of Daniel Davies is as manipulative as the striking swings of drummer Matt Flood, the melodic weaves further spun from the guitar a magnetic lure and collusion with the more sombre but no less compelling stroll of Ben Arrowsmith’s bass. With a great Spineshank meets Earshot hue to the song it is pure contagion and a compelling way into the enterprising sound of Thudd.

The following Nothing Left brings more of a classic metal air with it as it strolls in with its own instantaneous swing. Again vocals add another invitation of infectiousness easy to take up, rhythms a firm if less imposing element than in its predecessor but still enticingly manipulative alongside the track’s potent swing. With a melodic flourish and harmonic glaze to its catchy chorus, the song proved another strong engagement before What Once Was steps forward to provide a more combative proposition. That initial challenge though is soon soaked in the melodic prowess of the band, the featured guest vocals of Alysha adding greater temptation to the increasing captivation springing from the song’s evolving body. In a small way the song reminded of early My Chemical Romance, a tinge in its highly flavoured landscape of enterprise and sound which has become more and more persuasive by the listen

The release closes up with You My Dear, a more metal wired encounter which as the opener has a predatory breath to its catchy gait and nature which fully erupts within a melodically warm chorus. It is a fine and imaginative end to a release which only added to the enjoyment and potential offered by its lead single.

There is an inherent snarl to songs which personally we would hope comes more to the fore ahead to fully establish the bite that is hinted at throughout Not My Type. It is easy to see that aggression aligning perfectly with the band’s open melodic prowess; even so there is no escaping that the EP left us hankering for more and suggesting that Thudd could be heading towards major attention.

Not My Type is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 31/07/2020

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