Chasing Ghosts – Bring Me Suffering

Immersing in hauntingly melancholic adventures has been a regularly rewarding experience since first being enveloped by the dark sounds Of Chasing Ghosts through 2016 single Everything Changes. Even so it is hard to remember being more enthralled and emotionally engaged than with their new EP, Bring Me Suffering.

It is dark and invasively sombre, the thickest essences of loss and despair to fear and regret fuelling every note and breath yet each moment is also a caliginous seduction simply compelling connection. As suggested it is an emotive canvas which has centred each of their EPs and singles and most notably acclaimed 2018 album, These Hollow Gods, but is the most absorbing, beguiling and striking involvement with the Milton Keynes based quintet yet within Bring Me Suffering.

Recorded with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Ghosts, Cathedral, Myrkur), the EP immediately had attention intrigued, the opening keys of Until The End draped in intimacy and suggestion. Swiftly the track erupts in a dense wall of tension and trespass but one forcibly magnetic as the riffs of Ashley Clark contrast and collude with the melodic wiring flowing from fellow guitarist Harry Mitten’s strings. As his keys had enticed so the bass of Lee Brueton equally lays down drama and temptation, potency surrounded by the bold manipulative swings of drummer Richard Still with the track within its first minute finding thick attention especially once the tenebrific tones of Nelson Cancini release the remaining shadows and emotion of the song’s heart and tormented presence. Even so it lifts itself in temptation and enterprise even more with the guest vocals of Meghan Pettitt (ex-The Eden House), who like a sorrowful siren blesses the release throughout, her melodic lures perfectly surrounding and uniting with the darkness oozing from every one of Cancini’s syllables.

The track is superb, skilfully twisting and turning with unpredictability but flowing with almost ravening passion and adventure. There is something of a Type O Negative meets Dead Register meets My Dying Bride to the band’s sound but as the opener and the following A Darker Place reinforce the insistence of previous releases, Chasing Ghosts have evolved a proposition thickly individual to themselves. The second track also immediately had us zoned in with the scything lures of sorrow drenched strings, the darker menace of rhythms and riffs wrapped in that increasingly irresistible fusion of Cancini and Pettitt impassioned reflection. Even more haunting than its predecessor, the song is a heavy caress and melancholic seduction which fully enveloped the senses it just as wholly transfixed, the slight drone at its heart just another essence ensuring almost addictive attention.

The EP’s title track closes up the impressive encounter, Bring Me Suffering immediately painting its emotive heart and transgressions upon the imagination as it prowls, almost crawls through ears with again that great vocal unity a multi-fractured radiance within downcast sonic beauty and leaden rhythmic tempting. As with all tracks, every second and word is drenched in drama, even the calm moments of piano borne contemplation and subsequent evocative strings pure emotive suggestion.

As well as being their most ambitious release yet, the Bring Me Suffering EP is their darkest and most intense offering to date and in turn their finest moment. In a time when everyone’s emotions amidst loneliness has been under the deepest pressure it is hard to say that Chasing Ghosts will lift you from any gloom with their striking record but as for us they should leave you enriched and hungry for more of their exorcising sounds.

The Bring Me Suffering EP is out now via all major outlets including

Pete RingMaster 24/07/2020

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