Breaking isolation’s boredom: a roar of new singles

With singles coming our way thick and fast there has been an abundance of spirit rousing offerings to forget a time of loneliness and social deprivation for us all. With an equally vast number of fresh and bigger propositions out there too it has been impossible to bring all to your attention but we have grabbed from the rich pile, a handful of tracks which more than most have had us bouncing higher and drooling more profusely.

Bringing eager animation to body and energy has been the norm for UK punk rockers Spunk Volcano and The Eruptions. For the past six years they have unleashed a host of EPs and albums which have promoted and inspired true pleasure and bad habits. Whether we have only had a single track to contemplate before is hard to remember, usually blessed with far bigger incitement through the band’s prolific songwriting prowess, but a lone song is what we have and fair to say Football in the Sun (Ossie Ardiles) was more than enough to get us chanting from home built terraces.

The Midlands hailing quintet immediately tapped into memories of carefree times, laughter and energy exposed under the warm caress of that golden orb; thoughts even more potent as we recover again from isolation from any form of football. The gnarly breath of guitars instantly grip ears, the throaty tone of Joey Strange’s bass soon alongside as too the rhythmic jabbing of drummer Maff Fazzo and in turn the descriptive words and vocals of Spunk Volcano. With a teasing hook and physical eagerness throughout not forgetting chant fertility, the song soon proved a captivation of rock ‘n’ roll, the band again showing the rich flavour and variety to their punk bred sound wrapped and veined by the potent enterprise of guitarists Tom ‘G Force’ Batterbee and Scott Bones.

Unleashed a couple weeks back on CD through Avenue Recordz with its digital release due July 24th, the single is another mighty incitement and involvement from Spunk Volcano and The Eruptions, the only shadow being we think there might just be a Spurs fan among the band.

The DeRellas is another band which has regularly awoken sleeping vigour with their releases and has done so again with new single Inner City Rock ‘N’ Roll. Released via Rockaway Records slightly before the above track; the song is another which draws the rocker from within and gets them roaring alongside. The years have seen line-up stability a touch shaky but the core of bassist/vocalist Timmy DeRella and lead guitarist Luca DeRella has constantly been the driving force behind releases which have persistently hit the spot and garnered acclaim.

The band’s fusion of punk and rock ‘n’ roll with a wash of feral glam is as bold and rousing as ever within Inner City Rock ‘N’ Roll, the song epitomising its title with a wild and unkempt Ramones meets The Heartbreakers-esque sound. Straight away riffs and rhythms harass and ignite the air, the choppiness of the former aligned to fiery grooves and sonic flames within which Timmy’s encouraging tones stir eager participation.

From start to finish, the track unleashes 100% rock ‘n’ roll and another DeRella encounter sure to get people uncaging their bodies and shaking off enforced inhibitions.

Providing a sound inspired by various decades of rock ‘n’ roll, Parma Comets is a London based trio which formed in 2018 but truly emerged last year with a debut single that soon encouraged attention. Thunderbird is its successor; a song which strolls along unafraid to bear sixties and seventies influences yet casts its own character and infectiousness with sharp enterprise.

The multi-national trio of French guitarist/vocalist Louis Séris, Italian bassist Lorenzo Milani, and Italian bred Londoner Giovanni LoBue on drums, have played various styles of rock, pop, and folk across an array of bands previously and it is a diversity which is echoed in the band’s sound and latest track.

Thunderbird coaxes attention with a single but resonating burst before hitting a catchy stroll which swiftly reveals that dexterous and broad flavouring to their sound; as suggested sixties and seventies hues especially rich in its persuasion yet one fresh and firmly set in a modern indie rock landscape. In certain moments it hints at a mod like influence in others sixties hued garage and progressive rock scenting, the song almost kaleidoscopic in its sound.

We could not say Thunderbird gripped as immediately as the previous pair of songs covered here but by the listen it worked itself further under the skin to be just as captivating.

Ahead of the release of their debut EP later this July, UK rockers Thudd have just uncaged new single Brawl (Fight). They too reveal a sound with variety in its heart as hard and melodic rock colludes with more alternative and nu metal hues; the likes of Volbeat, Sabaton, Within Temptation, Periphery, and Arctic Monkeys as influences an echo of that diversity.

Brighton based, the quartet of vocalist Jack Brown, guitarist Daniel Davies, bassist Ben Arrowsmith, and drummer Matt Flood swiftly entangle ears and attention with wiry grooves as Brawl (Fight) sparks into life, a just as quick contagiousness soaking its instantly muscular stroll. The track prowls the listener, almost sizing them up as Brown’s warm but firm tones add to the growing captivation, all the while that infectiousness escalating as the song breaks into a fiery melodic flaming.

There is a touch of bands like Spineshank and Earshot to the song, a flavouring adding to its potent appeal; that in turn a temptation which means we eagerly await Not My Type, the band’s first EP on July 24th. With Brawl (Fight) available as a name your price download on Bandcamp there is no reason to not hear what our fuss is about.

A band which we have always been fascinated with and persistently captivated by is British outfit, Maths and The Moon. They have had a knack in sparking our ears and appetite while igniting the imagination with their songs and a sound which wonderfully defies any real pinning down and the Southampton band has done it again with new single, Other Side.

It is four years since MATM ensnared us with their album, Familiar Strange, so receiving an email from the trio of vocalist/guitarist Andy Fielder, drummer Luke Taplin, and bassist Matt Hirst was a great surprise and source of excitement which was quickly rewarded by their new offering.

Again it is a proposition which dares you to try and tag its sound and heart though we can suggest its tapestry is woven from everything between dark psych rock, post punk, and garage punk to alternative and psychedelic rock; even there though we feel we are missing so much out in our hints. A sonic shimmer glistens as the song breaks, rhythms and a slightly belligerent tide of riffs soon involved in the quickly persuasive coaxing. Fielder’s similarly alluring tones are soon there beckoning another inescapable connection, the songs drone like breath the fuse to a myriad of melodic and harmonic radiance.

Remotely recorded as so many songs in these current times, Other Side is pure seduction and temptation , as flirtatious as it is just a bit menacing and one of the most enthralling and haunting encounters with the band yet. Even in its dark dissonance the song is also a source of goodness with all proceeds going to the charities Solent Mind, Shelter Dorset and OTR Bristol.

Lastly we suggest go checking out the new single from British electro rockers This Burning Age. The Birmingham quartet cover the Sia track, Elastic Heart for their latest offering, a version which slips into the darkest most compelling crevices of the original.

This is another band we have not heard from in a fair while but has returned with an ear gripping proposal. The foursome of vocalist/guitarist Friday, guitarist Jon Farrington-Smith, bassist James Morrell, and drummer Alex Lane create a sound and confrontation which creeps through the deepest shadows of the senses and imagination and has fuelled some striking releases, the EPs Desolation and Salvation their most recent and powerful trespasses before this new track. Like a haunting fusion of Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, early Cure and Einstürzende Neubauten it gets under the skin whilst feeding off emotion and instinctive fears and this same recipe of temptation soaks their version of Elastic Heart.

From its first breath there is a tenebrosity to intimation and breath, Friday’s tones a matching hue and incitement as the song builds an intensity which takes its time to erupt but does so with fire and fervour. Even so it is as infectious as sin, catchy in every aspect even as the imagination feeds on its emotive darkness and another which quickly impressed but has become an addiction by the listen.

Pete RingMaster 11/07/2020

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