Bobby Funk – Longing For The Bonging

Cornish Piskies maybe a tribe of folklore but you cannot help thinking that their modern day equivalents just might go by the name of Bobby Funk. The Falmouth hailing quartet is all mischief and fun but a band set on invigorating the spirit with their unapologetically irreverent punk rock, a sound in full glory within debut album, Longing For The Bonging.

Though the band has already drawn strong plaudits with their singles and firmly with 2018 EP, Avocado Stains, some of us have been slow to catch up with their rousing presence upon the UK punk scene but an error taken care of by their nine track incitement.

The band’s sound is a hardcore tinged punk rock assault but there is no escaping an old school punk influence to its DIY instincts and voracious attitude. Equally it is as infectious as the world’s current adversary, Bobby Funk swiftly proving themselves masters at casting hooks which seriously manipulate and a feral boisterousness which gets right under the skin. Album opener, Dunch, quickly proves the fact, the song slowly emerging from the shadows with sinister intent, espionage on its mind before bursting into an eagerly lively prowl. Straight away the body was doing the bidding of the track’s swing, the vocals of Ollie equally stirring things up as it warns of Judy Dench’s insatiable appetite as all the while rhythms jab and provoke the senses. That mix of flavours is openly provocative, hardcore and seventies punk essences bound in pop punk contagiousness as the album gets off to an irresistible start, one only escalated by its successor.

The declaration and character of I’m A Cat is simply summed up in title and its vocal and musical taunting, nagging hooks worming under the skin from the first breath as the rhythms of bassist Alex and drummer Shannon play with the senses like they are prey. The patronising don’t give a fuck tones of Ollie equally hit the spot and a personal opinion that felines are the devil’s hench men before Put Your Hands On The Car provides thirty seconds of cacophonous road rage disorder.

Side one of the album is brought to a close by firstly K Grind, it too a rapid assault of dissonance which scrapes the senses as it ignited the animated hoodlum in flying bodies, followed by  Breakfast Means Breakfast and its British look down at the nose at others mentality through the most important meal of the day. As the tracks before them, each is wired with riffs and hooks from guitarist Rob that simply entangle ears and appetite, his tantalising strings more than matched by the rest of the band’s devilish antics.

Side 2 of Longing For The Bonging launches at ears with Best Friends With Kanye, the track all punk instinct and voracity honed in old school punk belligerence. Not for the first time, bands such as The Art Attacks, The Shapes and Notsensibles are sparked in thoughts but again spices in a punk concoction all Bobby Funk invented.

The passions niggling hook throughout next up Onion Eyes is merciless, seeing us dangling as a puppet on its temptation as it twists and turns in its guise but never relents in its orchestration as rhythms spring their own highly manipulative bait while Povvo Goblin brings a moment to take a breath though it is stalked by an escalation in energy which fuels a flirtatious stroll which in turn erupts in another punk bred but diversely flavoured romp aflame with the seduction of brass.

The release concludes with Gammon Club and anarchy in your local Wetherspoons, a slab of feral rock ‘n’ roll which deviously reveals a Caribbean rum soaked celebratory spirit and grin as the track and album dance off into the sunset.

It is a glorious end to one ridiculously addicted encounter, one which should bring full awareness of Bobby Funk to hordes of new fans at the very least but hints at much bigger success.

Longing For The Bonging is out now through TNS Records; also available @ and

Pete RingMaster 10/07/2020

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