The Domestics/Pizzatramp – No Life/This Is Your Life Split 12”

Back in 2018 UK outfits The Domestics and Pizzatramp lined up side by side for the striking 5” split release, Discipline, which offered on each band’s side three songs lasting less than a minute combined. Now the pair has linked up again but with a step stopping difference as unexpected as it proves striking and thrilling.

This time the hardcore punk protagonists have provided just one song each to the 12” offering but before you think that is nothing unusual let us add that each track is an eleven minute plus incitement which surprised and captivated as much as they ignited the senses.

Side one is consumed by The Domestics’ track, No Life and straight away the East Anglian quartet courted the imagination. Fuelled by vocalist James Domestics’ semi-autobiographical lyric and ever enjoyably challenge carrying vocals each with the inspiration of a corrupted world and the injustices of life within, the track immediately haunted attention and the senses as dark portentous strings rise up around ears. Their shadows are soon splintered by Simon Battery swiping beats, Ted Mint’s guitar in turn casting sonic smog within the imposing intense drama before more defined lures coax already eager ears. It is a compelling and inspiring start to the track which is only reinforced once the song erupts with the hardcore instincts of the band’s creativity.

With the bass of Rhodes a carnal pleasure within the caustic assault, the track stalks and attacks in equal measure. James’ tone and words are drenched in intimacy but with a worldly echo too whilst rhythmic catchiness underpins the raw ferocity of the encounter which is soon again revelling in its undiminishing unpredictability and imagination as it embraces strings, synths, and piano across its epic and feral emprise.

The track is superb, without question for us one of the best things the band has ferociously entangled our ears in and a proposition matched in captivation by South Wales hailing trio Pizzatramp.

This Is Your Life has an apocalyptic breath which immediately soaks its opening prowl around ears. It too makes for a magnetic introduction which easily drew us in, the subsequent bright groan of grooves and antagonism of skate punk nurtured riffs compounding the attraction as vocals share their aggravation. Its political incitement sparks alienation and vex on the lyrical and emotive heart of the track, one shared by its contagious but abrasive sounds driven by senses scything rhythms.

With an inescapable nagging to its riffs and grooves, the song continues to accost and stalk ears, evolving through differences of urgency without diminishing its animosity. An indictment on our corruptively damaged world, the song also carries an adventure which keeps attention and appetite enthralled throughout one becoming bolder with every passing minute.

Together the two tracks make up one of the year’s most arousing and galvanic encounters so far; one which will surprise a great many and thrill so many more.

The Domestics/Pizzatramp 12” split is out June 12th via Kibou Records (UK), TNS Records (UK) and Sick World Records (New Zealand).

Pete RingMaster 11/05/2020

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