Dali – VOL. 1.

Though there is no denying that the debut EP from UK Alt-rockers Dali slowly blossomed upon our passions rather than instantly igniting them, time and listens has seen it flower into one potential thick, pleasure breeding companion. Simply titled VOL. 1., the release offers four slices of the band’s provocative and evocative alternative rock sound which share familiar and uniqueness with real magnetism.

Dali EP_RingMasterReviewSouthampton based, Dali emerged late 2018 and while honing their emotively rich and sonically fiery sound has shared stages with the likes of as Mallory Knox, Sick Joy and Big Spring persistently gathering new fans, media support, and critical acclaim. Inspirations stem from bands such as from Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox, and Don Broco; hues apparent in their music but not to deter the band’s own creative individuality so potent within their first EP.

Latest single Borrowed Time starts things off, a gentle melody from the guitar of Peter Wright leading the temptation as a pulse of beats flickers alongside. Haunting harmonies add to the ethereal opening, its emotive breath emulated in the intimate tones and words of Matt Dudman. Suddenly a sonic spiral erupts from the shadows, the punchy rhythms of drummer Jack Grossman and bassist Ewan Williams giving greater pungency to the song’s mercurial landscape. The almost menacing trespass of verse leads to the rousing call of a virulent chorus, a passage courting the imagination of band and listener throughout.

The following You’re Not The One bares its muscle and emotional tempestuous from the first breath, grooves and hooks colluding in an infectious web around again a great trespass of rhythms and in a way the song has something of a Placebo meets Always The Quiet Ones to its increasingly addictive and dexterous presence.

Close is another which almost teases with a gentle lure, though one which swiftly explodes before returning to shape the catchy stroll and emotive croon that follows. This too, only springs a rousing burst of endeavour and manipulation before igniting the virulent cycle once again and vocally and musically, the volatile ballad and its mercurial landscape proved simply compelling.

Ending with Wasteland, an impassioned saunter evocatively crafted and earnestly presented nagging on increasingly eager ears and appetite, the EP commands attention with ease. Yes it took a couple of listens or so to really get under the skin but once there four songs were simply not enough to satisfy a new found hunger for the band’s sound.

VOL. 1. is out now.

https://www.facebook.com/wearedali   https://www.instagram.com/dalibandofficial/

Pete RingMaster 14/05/2020

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