Freak Injection – Daddy Is The Devil

It is fair to say that the aberrant carnival of French electro rockers Freak Injection has been ready to burst from the shadows since the release of their debut EP back in 2017, but surely there will be no containing their glorious deviancy once their first album, Daddy Is The Devil is unleashed this April. If that earlier release had us rampantly animated here, their new offering is the source of unbridled lust as it takes all the originality lying within that previous encounter which also embraced the familiar and boils it up to true uniqueness and raucous seduction.

Everything about the Freak Injection electro/industrial bred sound, as the band itself, is about sex, divergence and anomalous imagination but a festival of the bizarre which cannot hide the craft and invention behind its God baiting, Devil teasing orgy. The Freak Is Fashion EP gave potent hints of the rich sounds and devilish corruption shaping Daddy Is The Devil if only hinting at its authoritative distinction which is now devours ears from the album’s first breath.

The invitation of Intro is a minute plus of dark intimation, an electronic parade hinting at the bizarre circus to come, its curtains fully open with next up Freaky Doll. Rhythms instantly pounce, quickly setting the tenacious canter which steers the growing temptation as the guitar of Fernand ‘MAC-F’ Million persistently strikes. With Hector Hell GZ’s beats a contagious incitement alongside the similarly magnetic dark throb of Kevin Corre’s bass, the song swiftly had the body bouncing even before the compelling tones of vocalist Charlie RED brought their siren presence to the devilment. With keys only adding greater bait for eager attention, the track is a calling card for the loss of inhibitions and gaining of bad habits.

The band’s new single, Glitters In Hell, is next and immediately springs an electro pop caress around ears and the golden lures of RED’s voice. There is an underlying darkness and punk aggression to the track which raises its head across the song but cannot defuse the pure radiance of melodies and vocal harmonics or one beauty soaked chorus. A track which just grew and wormed deeper under the skin by the listen it is more than matched by the virulent escapade that is Crosses. A rebellious slice of electro pop ‘n’ roll, there was no resisting its manipulation and lures on body and vocal chords; hooks and grooves as devious as the rhythmic compulsion set by Corre and GZ.

So many images spring in the imagination listening to Evil Raccoon Party! though the zealous animation of feet and hips to its outlandish stomp primarily powered the eager reactions. RED is Queen of the creative Bacchanalia, her vocals a twisted roar on ears and spirit instigating the devilry of song and listener alike while within Sex Me she is a succubus of a temptress spilling sexual predation with every syllable as each musical note revels in punkish eroticism. Like a snake it winds around the listener, squeezing willing submission to its voracious appetite with every twist and hook.

Both Snakeskin and the album’s title track sparked thick captivation, the first another pop infused electro rock incitement brewing bigger and bolder carousing within its calmer instincts relative to its predecessor whilst its successor treats the dance-floor as its own fervent freak show.  As rousing and scheming as both are the pair are still overshadowed by the tenebrific soundscape of Monster Town where every dark corner is shone upon by bubbling electronics and provoked by scurrilous rhythms, it all further lit up by the bold character and rich dynamics of RED’s voice.

The seductive intent of Nothing Without You proved unstoppable straight after, its fiery breath and tempestuous heart only adding to the heat of the moment with Sex Voodoo & Rock’N’Roll grabbing the enslavement given by the scruff of its neck and thrusting it into an electro punk cauldron of melodic glamour across the more carnal instincts of rhythms and Million’s ever motivating and enterprising guitar.

The album closes out with Muse Maléfique which provides something akin to a fusion of purgatory and paradise; every breath and touch provoking the imagination and it all delicious temptation. As the first moments of Daddy Is The Devil teased of things to discover within its walls the final minutes kind of summed up what came before whilst opening the veils on its own dominion.

Daddy Is The Devil is an escape from the world and restrictions which sought to chain the freak in us all inside, Freak Injection providing a key with already one of the year’s most exhilarating moments.

Daddy Is The Devil is released April 24th; pre-ordering available now @

Pete RingMaster 04/04/2020

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