RingMaster Review Interviews – Invoker

Who started the band, where and when?

Raphael Meyer, Drums – When Andy Meier’s and Peter Lukas old band split up in 2012, their desire for a new music project grew, and that’s when David Lukas, Peter’s brother, who played in different bands before, got involved. Shortly after, they asked me if I wanted to join them. Although I wasn’t playing the drums for long, it just took a quick audition and I was in.  We’re all from the same village in the back country of Lucerne, Switzerland. Our rehearsal room was in a barn, and I’m quite glad that these times are over as we moved to a nicer place, haha!

Shortly after we started rehearsing our first songs and we began looking for a bass player. That’s when Patrick Goncalves, a good friend who we knew from the Swiss hardcore scene, joined the band and completed the line-up.

Who plays in the band now and what are they playing?

RM-Nothing has changed, we still play in the original setup, David is the singer, Andy and Peter are the guitar players, Gonzi plays the bass and I am still the drummer. It’s great to be able to play in a band with my best mates.

Who has inspired you?

RM-I guess a big part of the inspiration to keep on doing music is the hardcore scene here in Switzerland which is like a big family, it makes you love being part of it and keep doing what you are doing.

Musically we are influenced widely; really various genres have always been big parts of our lives, starting at Post Rock up to Black Metal and Melodic Hardcore of course. I personally would call bands like Counterparts, Brutality Will Prevail, Broken Teeth, Windir and Wolves In The Throne Room my biggest influences.

Why this name? And tell us the meaning of it.

RM-Andy our guitarist works in IT and the word “invoke“ was showing up in his codes frequently. The meaning, relating to music and a band, “to invoke sth“ worked quite well for us, so we decided to go with that name.

Have you released an album? If so, when and what’s the name of it?

RM-Actually just last year, we dropped our debut album called ’Four Wall Nightmare’, and we are more than happy with all the positive feedback we received. It deals with the topic of depression and anxiety, which means a lot to all of us.

The album is not our first record though. We released an EP ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’ in 2013.

Have you played with some famous bands?

RM-Luckily we were able to play some shows with great bands, such as Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, Landscapes, Napoleon, and Break Even amongst others. Those shows have brought us some very inspiring and enjoyable moments.

What’s the plan for the future?

RM-I’m very excited about our new EP ‘Cursed to feel’, which will be released this year. A short time ago we released the first song of the EP which is called ‘End me’, and the next single will follow soon. We are looking forward to the upcoming live shows and our tour next year. There are many exciting things ahead of us.

Check Invoker out further @  https://www.facebook.com/weareinvoker   https://www.instagram.com/weareinvoker/   https://weareinvoker.bandcamp.com

Questions by Elliot Leaver

RingMaster Review Interviews – Death Tribe

For those who may not know who you are, introduce yourselves quickly.

Hello this is Anthony Kaoteon talking to you about my new project Death Tribe as we have released the new album in 22nd of February https://deathtribeofficial.bandcamp.com/releases

Describe your sound in as few words as possible.

It is big. It is intense. It is diverse. It is metal.

Who are your three biggest influences as a band?

Life, Nature and injustice

What’s the meaning behind your band name?

I wake up every day grateful that I am still breathing, and this has given me the motivation to do the best with my time as our time might come at any moment. This is why I decided to create a tribe that reminds themselves of death and how fragile humans are so that we celebrate every single breath.

How did you approach the new album in terms of writing and recording?

I wanted this record to sound diverse and enjoyable from beginning till end instead of having one static genre. This is why you can find tracks from black ’n’ roll, death metal to groove metal and they still stick together like a solid unit which makes it really interesting.

Do you have any personal favourite songs on the release?

Every now and then my favourite changes depending on the mood.

Explain the meaning behind the album title, ‘Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment’.

Relative to the idea that we might die any second and when you have death on your mind at every choice you realize that there is no pain or pleasure just experiences. Hence the first part of the album title and the second part is paying homage to an event that happened in Dubai where various talents from the region got together to play music regardless of their cultural differences which was an influence for me to have multiple artists on the album.

Do you have a current video in support of its release? Describe the concept of the video.

The video concept is derived from the lyrics and how hollow and shallow life can be. I went for an animated video to best deliver the message.

Do you have any live dates lined up at present?


What are your favourite songs to perform live?

‘Hollow’ and ‘Beyond Pain and Pleasure’

If you could open for anyone, who would it be?

Today it would be great to open for the likes of Behemoth, Gojira and Slayer on their last tour.

Any comical stories from your time as a band you can share with us?

Not that I can think of

Any closing comments?

More music, more metal, releasing KAOTEON third album with Adrian from At The Gates on drums and Linus from Obscura on bass.

Find out more about and from Death Tribe @ https://www.facebook.com/DeathTribe.Official/

Questions by Elliot Leaver