Various – It’s Brixmaaaaas

Never slow in bringing ears some great sounds, Brixton Hill Studios are adding to the festive feast of Christmas with new mini album, It’s Brixmaaaaas, featuring unique tracks united in individual reflections of different seasonal aspects from six of the finest bands on their label, Brixton Hillbilly. It all comes hand in hand with a great cause as all proceeds from its sale go to Brixton Soup Kitchen who has provided a much needed service in their local community for six years.

A Brixton based service looking out for and supporting the homeless and people in need, Brixton Soup Kitchen was officially launched January 1st 2013, though its founder, Solomon Smith, had been giving food to the homeless since the age of 12. Since then it has been a help and comfort to so many people and it is hard to think of a better way to celebrate its success and great music than with It’s Brixmaaaaas.

It is the brainchild of Stephen Gilchrist, the owner of Brixton Hill Studios, Hot Sauce Pony bassist, and seriously accomplished session drummer who has played with the likes of Graham Coxon and The Damned. Feeling it was time for local musicians to support the work of Brixton Soup Kitchen, he reflected when talking about the upcoming release, “Considering this is becoming one of the richest boroughs in the world,” Gilchrist said: “it’s very upsetting to think that we still need soup kitchens and food banks, Gilchrist enlisted Black Midi & Jerskin Fendrix, Ham Legion, Bad Parents, Scud FM, Alessi’s Ark and Hot Sauce Pony to come up with six unique songs. It is fair to say each heartfelt song finds that success, all nurturing a moment which pleasures ears, sparks the imagination, and evokes emotion as well as give a thick reason to go support a great charity.

Learn more about and donate to Brixton Soup Kitchen @

It’s Brixmaaaaas is released on CD, Vinyl and as digital download on December 3rd on Brixton Hillbilly with pre-ordering available now @

It’s Brixmaaaaas tracklist:

Ice Cream – Black Fendrix Jersk Midi [6:36]

Winter’s Grace – Alessi’s Ark [3:19]

We’d Better Start Dinner – Ham Legion [2:41]

Christmas Present – Bad Parents [3:52]

Christmas Crime – Scud FM [4:56]

Christmas In Prison – Hot Sauce Pony [4:31]

Pete RingMaster 17/11/2018

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