Those Who Knew – New Perspective

Formed at the start of 2015, UK outfit Those Who Knew make their national introduction with the release of debut EP New Perspective. Carrying four tracks of infectious, pop scented alternative rock, the release is a quickly enjoyable encounter which makes up for its familiar character of sound and lack of major originality by catching the imagination with its open heart and potential. There is very little to be negative about the release over, as good as nothing apart from slipping into the crowd of similar sounding bands but for a starting block New Perspective makes a captivating opening statement.

Nottingham hailing Those Who Knew quickly made an impact on their local live scene after emerging, spreading out as their shows and reputation took in the Midlands and Yorkshire.  Now they are looking at a broader landscape with New Perspective leading the way and quickly making a potent first impression with its opening track and current single Losing Touch. From its first breath, the song offers an instantly infectious proposal as the guitars of Danny Peet and Jordan Toal create a catchy collusion of hooks and riffs. Vocalist Danny Graves is quickly involved with his strong tones while the swinging rhythms of Joe Miller’s bass and Emily Hall’s lively beats drive things very nicely. With hungry energy and imaginative twists in its design, the song makes a richly pleasing start to the release, something fresh and familiar, reminding a little of Lower than Atlantis, and increasingly potent.

The following Shadow In The Sea is just as tenacious in its nature and presence if with a slightly more restrained attack around its boisterous chorus. Peet’s melodies and hooks again make for a stylish lure whilst Toal’s riffs and enterprise create a pleasing web for ears to get entangled in while vocally Graves impresses. It is an accomplished and infectious proposal matched in success by next up Seventeen, it too a tapestry of creative bait and melodic enticement which maybe openly recognisable but is certainly very appetising. As rhythms keenly stroll and eagerly jab, the guitars encase the enjoyable vocal prowess at large with their own persuasive adventure, weaving familiar textures into something fresh and vibrant.

Closing track, Nothing Left To Lose, has a bit of muscle to its body, the track a sturdier and more robust character of sound compared to its predecessors but certainly not lacking their infectious endeavour. In fact in many ways, the song is the most virulent of the four with its rousing chorus and swinging gait.

It is a fine end to very pleasing first listen to Those Who Knew; a release which will certainly draw a whole new host of fans to the band whilst providing the launch pad to the realising of the potential it keenly carries.

Those Who Knew is available now on iTunes and other stores.

Pete RingMaster 03/05/2017

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