Electus – Ticket to Nowhere

With their second album just uncaged, UK rockers Electus offer a compelling reason for checking it out with the single Ticket to Nowhere. A hard rock bred infection embracing the attributes of alternative rock and meatier metallic essences, the track is a ready-made excuse for bodies to stomp and spirit to take a turn for the better.

Formed by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Russell Peake in 2008, Wolverhampton hailing Electus has built a potent reputation on the Midlands rock scene with matching and increasingly acclaimed ripples on the national scene through their live presence and 2015 unveiled debut album The Dark. With its current line-up completed that same year, lead guitarist Pete Checkley, bassist Dan Smith, and drummer Mick Hales alongside Peake, Electus are now ready to provoke far bigger spotlights with sophomore album Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One; an encounter which if Ticket to Nowhere is anything to go by, has the potential to push the band towards that success.

The single instantly has ears on board, its opening rhythmic shuffle sparking short scythes of thick riffs amidst percussive enticement. From there a devilish hook grows and thrives, spatial shimmers skirting its persistent temptation. In turn, the move into a controlled and mercilessly rousing stroll with rock ‘n’ roll tenacity only tightens the song’s already firm grip on ears.

With infectiousness at every turn and spicy melodic enterprise lurking on every corner, the track is a prowling slice of devilry; almost predatory in its intent to turn on feet and hips while refusing to accept no for an answer to its catchy questions. It all makes for a superb song which seems to become more flirtatious and compelling with every listen, and convincing in the suggestion that Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One just has to be investigated.

Both Ticket to Nowhere and Rock & Roll Incarnate Part One are available now.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Saturday 8th April 2017 – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton for the MAYOR FEST 2017

Sunday 30th April – Roadhouse, Birmingham

Wednesday 5th July – Robin 2, Wolverhampton

Sunday 3rd December – The Arches, Coventry for Winterfest 2017

http://www.electus-music.co.uk/   https://www.facebook.com/Electus.Official.uk    https://twitter.com/electusuk

Pete RingMaster 04/04/2017
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