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It is hard to believe that it was two and a half years ago that our ears were first bewitched by Maths and the Moon and their debut album Night Train Daydream. The fact that the album is still a potent part of our playlists obviously has made it seem like it was many less moons ago that it first arrived in ears and imagination. Now the band has some new proposals to tempt with. There is a new album about to be uncaged and ahead of it already stirring up ears and attention is its first taster in the shape of Futurist. A free to download single, the track is a smouldering slice of alternative and indie rock embracing the psych rock essences which the band is primarily renowned for. It is a new direction for the British trio and on first touch, another fascinating one.

Hailing from Southampton, Maths and the Moon consists of vocalist/guitarist Andy Fielder, drummer Luke Taplin, and bassist Matt Hirst. They formed the band in 2009, making their live debut alongside legendary Can frontman Damo Suzuki the following year. As mentioned, their sounds and subsequent debut album Night Train Daydream fused experimental and psych rock imagination with at times a just as potent tinge of post punk. It was an imaginatively hued and transfixing adventure which even in its different character, Futurist suggests the new album has the potential to emulate.

The single certainly makes a forceful entrance, a thick rumble of bass and meaty swings hitting ears as guitars magnetically jangle. Things do relax a fair touch as Fielder’s mellow and expressive tones step forward surrounded by sultry melodies, though there is a volatile air lurking around its lure which erupts in imposing kind again as the start of the song re-establishes its potent presence. That cycle continues across the song, with Hirst’s bass especially throaty and addictive as its contrasts the smouldering harmonies and an eventful blaze of melodic flames.

Atmospherically spicy too, the song has an additional Muse-esque essence to its fire which also does it no harm. It is only one song of course so too early to make any statements about new album Familiar Strange but anticipation has already gained a tingle or two thanks to Futurist.

Futurist is available to download for free @

Pete RingMaster 11/04/2016

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