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Looking like they have come up with an especially tenacious and alluring blend of pop and punk, British quartet Coast To Coast make their introduction with debut EP Dwell this month. It is an ear grabbing proposal bulging with a sound which is maybe not quite a unique quantity yet but has a character to it that simply commands attention.

Hailing from Birmingham, Coast To Coast began in the January of 2014 and consists of vocalist Keiran Hyland, guitarists Alex Edge and Josh Taylor, and drummer Darius Walters. Last year saw the release of the track August but more details of their first two years we cannot find. Listening to Dwell though, with its vibrant and emotive snarl we can only assume and suspect that the band persistently ignited local stages whilst honing a sound which, as mentioned, demands it be looked at and listened to.

Dwell does not make an immediately striking impression it is fair to say. Its first track is Intro, a lead into the release providing a muggy and sonically thick invitation which certainly hints at the individual craft uniting within the band but sounds like so many other starts to punk and post hardcore bred releases. At just over a minute, any disappointment to its formula presence is fleeting C2C Artwork_RingMasterReviewthough and soon thrown aside by the thumping touch and provocative roar of Bloom. Like chalk and cheese to the first, the second track grips ears straight from its opening scythes of guitar, sinew swung beats soon intruding on the senses as riffs and a great throaty bassline entangle ears and imagination. You still would not say the song is breaking new ground but that distinct character previously mentioned coats the enterprise spun and equally the excellent vocal expression and delivery of Hyland. That alone carries an intimacy which suggests lyrically the song is a heartfelt reflection and release, an essence seeming to also seep into the melodic imagination veining the track’s rousing roar.

The excellent encounter is matched in potency by Cornerstone, a slightly less intrusive and bracingly boisterous track but one fuelled by a similar infectious energy and imagination aligned to further emotional suggestiveness. Once more Hyland only impresses as he whips up ears and appetite, being as potently matched by the darkly textured rhythmic side of the band and its melodic and sonic dexterity. As with the song’s predecessor, the triggering of bouncing bodies and vocal involvement alone is a sign of a highly enjoyable and galvanic encounter from a band easy to want to know more about.

The EP closes with the acoustic balladry of Bunkbeds, guitar and Hyland alone potent bait enhanced further by the harmonies which hug their emotive enterprise. It is a fine end to a powerful and thoroughly enjoyable debut from Coast To Coast. With some bands you inwardly query if their maybe strong but indistinct sound will find the uniqueness that really gets noticed. It is a question that does not arise with Coast To Coast as already they have something about them which, as we mentioned, draws attention.

The Dwell EP is released April 8th via Fox Records @ and for download @

Upcoming live date: 24th April 2016 – Dwell EP Launch Party Show, The Rainbow, Birmingham w/ Best Years

Pete RingMaster 07/04/2016

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