The Rogue Network – Milk and Honey/Lowland City


Having heard a buzz was brewing around the UK band, healthy intrigue went with a look at a pair of tracks being released this month by The Rogue Network. The band’s debut EP, which was released last year, sparked plenty of the attention beginning to crowd around the trio, and with the pairing making up their latest single being taken from it, reasons why are easy to hear.

The band’s sound is a tenacious blend of alternative rock with rich blues and soul attributes. It also has an infectiousness to it which adds to the magnetism of rousing riffs, bold rhythms, and compelling grooves. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Gerallt Williams, bassist Jameson Bell, and drummer Danny Hughes, the band’s inspirations lie in the blues/soul sounds of the seventies but equally it relishes the adventure of modern rock ‘n’ roll. An electronic essence only adds to the inventive and genre varied weave they conjure; a tapestry which now enticingly shines in the band’s new offering.

Milk and Honey opens on a sonic shimmer which is quickly aligned to a bulbous throb of a bassline and a catchy guitar jangle. As vocals join in, a rock pop essence emerges to infest ears and hips; it colluding with lively hooks and a resonating collusion of bass and keys. There is something familiar to the song yet nothing particularly definable as it strolls along with a garage rock meets blues ‘n’ roll swagger amidst a contagious melodic and harmonic smile.

In contrast, Lowland City has a scuzzier air and voracity to its sound and character though it too reveals a virulence which soon has body and spirit fully engaged. William’s vocals continue to entice and incite, leading the anthemic essence of the song whilst the bluesy liquor flowing through his grooves takes care of the imagination as the addictive rhythmic prowess of Bell and Hughes has the listener bouncing.

Both tracks leave thoughts and appetite loaded with satisfaction and finding a hunger for more, which a dip into the EP they originally came from feeds courtesy of the sultrily toned emotive balladry of Again and the fuzzy delta blues tango of A Killer’s Song.

Milk and Honey and Lowland City already stand as favourites and are sure to whip up fresh attention and eager ears with their recent unveiling whilst the band work on and record a new clutch of songs. 2016 is looking like being another potent year for The Rogue Network.

Milk and Honey/Lowland City is out now.

Pete RingMaster 17/03/2016

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