Tess of the Circle – You Take Me Out Of My Head

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Following a pair of rather tasty teasers already, Tess of the Circle provides another slice of pure enticement for their upcoming album with new single You Take Me Out Of My Head. Their new full-length, Amplify, has become an eagerly anticipated proposal already, thanks to those previous singles, and now the new track just cements that eagerness and the growing reputation of the UK band as one rather exciting rock ‘n’ roll incitement.

Amplify_RingMasterReviewA British independent collective based around the songs and music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Tess Jones, Tess Of The Circle has already made a potent impact with their sound and debut album Thorns, a collection of lyrically biographical songs from Jones bred from a mix of 70’s electric rock riffs and acoustic guitar enterprise. A project starting in 2013 with Jones and a group of live and album musicians within his circle of friends, the band has found greater and closer attention over time, especially since the release of Face the Changes and the outstanding Love Is The Drug That You Crave, the first two singles from the impending Gavin Monaghan produced Amplify.

You Take Me Out Of My Head is sure to only add to that focus with its galvanic rock ‘n’ roll stomp. Straight away it has ears attentive as strokes of guitar and riffs collude with the throaty throb of Ben Drummond’s bass. Quickly the enjoyable stabs of sound become a rolling stroll of jangly enterprise and feisty riffery as the guitars of Lee Clifton and Jones engage in a bluesy hard rock lined persuasion of the imagination. Hooks and grooves are frequent bait within the track, the latter wrapping around the excellent vocal prowess of Jones and the tenacious rhythms of drummer Paul Stone.

Great rock ‘n’ roll has the spirit as engaged and aroused as ears and with consummate ease You Take Me Out Of My Head finds that success whilst reinforcing that the arrival of Amplify cannot come soon enough.

You Take Me Out Of My Head and Amplify are released April 22nd with pre-ordering available now on Amazon and iTunes.

Upcoming Live dates:

Saturday 26th March Wheatsheaf, Oxford

Tuesday 29th March The Jam House, Birmingham

Wednesday 30th March Century Club, Soho

Thursday 7th April First Thursday Club, Thame (Oxfordshire)

Wednesday 25th May Servants Jazz Quarters, London N16 (acoustic Set)

Friday 10th June Music At The Northcourt, Abingdon, Oxford

Saturday 18th June Party In The Park, Adderbury

Sunday 17th July Roots Festival. Birmingham

Saturday 6th August Green Gathering Festival

http://www.tessnotes.com/   https://www.facebook.com/tessofthecircle   https://twitter.com/TessOfTheCircle

Pete RingMaster 18/03/2016

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