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A band for less than a year, US quartet Fighting Sides has already risen to be a prominent presence within the Atlanta music scene. Now the band is looking at nudging bigger attention and recognition with the release of their captivating new EP, Haven’t Scored Yet. Offering four tracks of alternative rock meets melodic/pop punk; the EP is a lively and magnetic introduction to the band for many of us whilst potently building on the potential of its well-received predecessor.

Emerging April 2015, Fighting Sides was formed by vocalist Robbie Hiser after the “implosion” of his previous band. Calling on friends, Hiser quickly completed the band’s line-up with guitarist Alex Downtain, bassist Arafat Patwary, and drummer Sheppard Martin. That May saw the release of their debut offering, Demo MMXV, an encounter sowing the seeds and groundwork for the vivacity in the band’s sound which now fuels Haven’t Scored Yet.

Recorded with Jason Andrews (Go Radio, Holiday Parade) and mixed/mastered by Sam Pura (Basement, The Story So Far), the new EP opens with This Is Our Night. The first lure of guitar is enough to awaken ears though they really come alive as the warm tones and harmonies of Hiser and band further offer the imagination their bright prowess. Never breaking from its relatively restrained stroll, the song soon reveals its pop punk tenacity as hooks and riffs unite with robust rhythms for an infection loaded romp.

Fighting Sides Art_RingMasterReviewThe following Stand Tall is similarly bred but swiftly shows a grouchier edge to its intensity and rhythmic textures as well as richer emotive hues in its fiery melodic enterprise and vocals. As its predecessor, the song has ears and thoughts fully engaged with a nicely brewing appetite for more in tow. That gets healthily fed by the poppier exploits of One More Day, though it too has a potent line in emotional shadows within its galvanic canter. Though the song, as its companions, is not a full on roar, it has an anthemic quality which only adds to a successful persuasion and recruitment of listener involvement.

Let Me Be brings things to an equally enjoyable and convincing close; its accomplished and boisterously melodic rock ‘n’ roll a highly satisfying and engaging incitement to the wanting to know more about Fighting Sides.

Right now it is fair to say that Fighting Sides is still trying to find something majorly distinct in their music to set them apart but in providing a thoroughly enjoyable time they have hit the nail square on the head with Haven’t Scored Yet.

The Haven’t Scored Yet EP is released March 18th and available @

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