Hinges – Aches & Pains


Every year is probably the same, but already there seems to be strong flow of attention sparking debuts in the opening weeks of 2016 and adding to the list is Aches & Pains from UK quartet Hinges. A flavoursome mix of alternative rock and grunge with a rich spicing of emo to it, the single is a potential loaded, ear pleasing first look at the Leeds bred band.

Though formed in late 2014 as Negative Panda, it was as Hinges that the band stepped into 2016 following a recent line-up and of course name change. Under the new guise, the foursome of vocalist/guitarist Myles Petcher, bassist Keane Holland, guitarist Luke Hudson, and drummer Callum Stewart now release their first single, a song which quickly lures attention whilst breeding stronger persuasion with each passing minute.

Aches & Pains opens on a single caress of guitar, a slightly melancholic stroking of ears which soon sparks a broader flame across the band. One establishing its feisty presence, the song relaxes again into a minimalistic and emotive stroll around the potent tones of Petcher. Rhythms add a firm touch to it though, keeping the song honest on the side of directness before a raw grunge fuelled blazes breaks out. It is a cycle which repeats across the track, calmer and reflective passages with a Green Day scent to them erupting into Nirvana-esque outpourings of emotion and intensity; both echoed in voice and energy simultaneously

Equipped with a great brooding depth to the bass, a solemn yet inviting air to its moments of reserve thought and sound, and an almost predatory feel to its rousing angst lit crescendos, the song is a tasty first step by Hinges in their new shape. Completed with the previously un-released B-sides in I Hope It Gets Better, a raw entangling of charm and confrontation, and the aggressive agitation that is the highly pleasing Home, the single easily sparks a want to hear more.

That is a quality any band would hope to breed in their songs and Hinges do it with ease across the whole of Aches & Pains.

Aches & Pains is out now @ http://hinges1.bandcamp.com/album/aches-pains

https://www.facebook.com/HINGESUK   https://twitter.com/HINGESBAND

Pete RingMaster 29/02/2016

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