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Making a potent debut with their new EP, US quintet I, Ohms is a metalcore band from Virginia with an appetite for fiery melodies and djent inspired confrontation. As the five-track Parallel Connection shows, the blend of flavours they embrace makes for an attention luring proposition which, without reeking of major originality, is fresh, aggressive, and an invitation to find out more.

Consisting of vocalist Andrew Belmont and guitarists Rachel Scott and Ryan Baggett alongside the rhythm section of bassist Andrew Horn and drummer Brittany Yarnell, I, Ohms is a bit of a mystery in background information but certainly forceful with their music. Their first release is proof of that; an encounter which drummer Yarnell talked about ahead of release, saying “Recording the EP was really fun and we’re super excited to be sharing it with everyone! It’s meant to reflect our darkest times and the way we heal; be it a riff that feels empty, a chaotic breakdown, or words that you would tell yourself repeatedly to dig yourself out of a hole. We’re all one way on the surface, but there’s so much more beneath.

Parallel Connection opens with Terms and Conditions which comes into view upon an ear caressing guitar melody. It has an evocative air which flirts with the imagination, all the time setting up the moment for carnivorous riffs and heftily swiping rhythms to erupt and invade the senses. Belmont’s raw growls are just as formidable too, but they, as the sounds around him, only leading to another twist of a clean vocals led stroll of melodic enterprise. As the song settles down a touch, all the elements are soon entangled as the unpredictable encounter grabs the imagination even tighter. Simultaneously it is a predator and temptress, the band weaving a tapestry of contrasting textures and volatile emotions to excite and wrong-foot with accomplished craft.

Deep Divide is even more predacious and intensive once taking over from its predecessor. The swinging beats and bass enticement borders on bestial as djent seeded riffs create a jagged wall of senses tearing teeth again backed by the harsh attitude of the vocals. As is soon realised with the band though, any uncompromising endeavour is cleverly tempered by melodic and harmonic imagination. The end product is something which may not be unique but always, as here, proves to have an individualism which sparks thorough enjoyment and intrigue.

The band’s songs also come with their own noticeable characters too; the following Civil War showing a more rabid nature compared to the controlled but ravenous stalking of the last song for example. To that though, it has no qualms about slipping into bolder passages of suggestive calm with infectious percussive bait as well as senses gnawing trespasses courtesy of the guitars. Together it all goes to create one of the most adventurous and arguably original tracks on the release.

The pair of Scream Your Heart Out and latest single End: Disclaimer brings the EP to a close. The first is an imposing tempest of sound and emotion from its first breath; a maelstrom of wiry grooves and bone cracking beats corralled by throat bruising vocals and a brooding bassline, not forgetting belligerent riffery. It too shows a great shade in catchy tempting and melodic dexterity, musically and vocally, whilst its successor is a drama of cantankerous sound drawn into an antagonistic brawl and a melodic soothing enticed into a harmonic hugging of the senses. It is a skilfully nurtured and shaped proposal, and with the previous song, taking favourite song honours with Civil War running them to a photo finish.

Parallel Connection is a very strong and increasingly impressing offering from I, Ohms; an introduction which suggests that the band is still developing its own sound but already has developed something rather refreshing about their music which can surely only blossom further.

The Parallel Connection EP is out now @ https://iohmsband.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-connection

https://www.facebook.com/iohmsband   https://twitter.com/i_ohms

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2016

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