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Hailing out of Tennessee, melodic metalcore quintet Heartfelt punctuate their recent signing with Imminence Records by releasing a self-titled single this month. Whether the release should be actually described as an EP, with neither of its tracks bearing the name of band or single, can be debated, but as a rousing introduction, the encounter is a potent slice of melodic metalcore persuasion.

Formed in 2013, the band emerged as vocalist Brian Medley moved on from previous band Woe Is Me. The life of Heartfelt to date has been eventful; numerous line-ups changes and being the victims of a burglary which cost them thousands of dollars in stolen musical equipment and related items, amongst the band shaping experiences. Now though stability has hit the band in personnel, with Dyllan Puckett, Billy Roberts, Brett Boatman, and Brandon Cain alongside Medley, and through the link up with Imminence Records. Heartfelt’s previous singles, in Crossroads and Slip Away, certainly awoke ears to the band but the lead track on the new release, Be Strong, alone has the qualities and power to really spark strong attention, especially alongside its accompanying Ben Greene filmed video.

Heartfelt Single Cover_RingMasterReviewProduced by former A Day To Remember member Tom Denney, Be Strong rises on a wave of harmonies and evocative melodies whilst being steered by robustly tenacious rhythms. Almost as quickly, Medley’s impressing vocals step forward to provide their own warm yet feisty coaxing, to which, a collusion of rawer roars and those alluring harmonies add further magnetic drama to the growing sound. Bass and drums make no show of hiding their aggressively boisterous incitement , getting straight to the point alongside matching riffs and harsher vocal trespasses to provide a formidable confrontation, but one superbly tempered by the soaring clean deliveries and flaming melodies that similarly ensnare ears and appetite.

The song’s companion is an even more hostile affair, certainly initially, but soon White Eyes reveals its own recipe of sonic seduction whilst increasing in belligerence soaked tone and anger fuelled aggressiveness. The extremes of textures within it are even more pronounced than in its predecessor and undoubtedly it blossoms all the more for it.

Between the songs, Heartfelt reveal signs of potent depth to songwriting and sound as well as the potential of a uniqueness which it is hard to say is really there within the single. Nevertheless, both songs carry a freshness and vitality to their creativity which grabs ears as much as the force of their tempest of sound. It is fair to say therefore, that Heartfelt is worth keeping a close ear upon with no doubt more enjoyment being the reward as they progress.

The Heartfelt release is available now digitally through Imminence Records @ https://imminencerecords.bandcamp.com/album/heartfelt and includes exclusive Bandcamp bonus tracks of the 2013 demo versions of Crossroads and Slip Away.

https://www.facebook.com/HeartfeltSux      http://twitter.com/HeartfeltTN

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2016

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