Mammoth Mammoth – Mammoth Bloody Mammoth

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As the band unload their avalanche of ravenously heavy riffs across Europe on the on Up in Smoke Tour VOL VI! with My Sleeping Karma and Greenleaf, Australian rockers Mammoth Mammoth have seriously whetted the appetite again with their new four-track EP. Featuring two brand new predators as well as a re-worked older scavenger of the senses alongside a blazing cover, Mammoth Bloody Mammoth is a rousing thunder of everything it is so easy to get lustful over.

With last album Volume IV – Hammered still stirring up acclaiming attention after its release almost a year ago, the Melbourne quartet keep the juggernaut of invasive temptation rolling with more of the refreshing same in their latest incitement. The two new songs open up the release, the predatory crawl of Taste Your Blood invading ears first. Swiftly, as expected, the track hits a feisty swagger and mischievous determination as its fuzz infested rock ‘n’ roll gets dirtily flirtatious. The gravelly tones of vocalist Mikey Tucker becomes the ringleader in devilment, his inviting bait backed by the punchy swings of drummer Frank Trobbiani and the grouchy tones of Pete Bell’s bass with guitarist Ben Couzens penning them all in with a wall of anthemic riffs entwined in flaming grooves.

MammothMammoth art_RingMaster ReviewThe track is unashamed, balls showing rock ‘n’ roll quickly matched in kind and success by Drugs. Punk ‘n’ roll to get down and dirty with, the track swings and twists with an insatiable appetite to stir up trouble and bad habits. With its predecessor, the song has the body exhausted and pleasure overflowing and the treats only continue as firstly the band uncages an incendiary cover of MC5`s Kick Out the Jams which alone inflames an already greedy appetite. Within the punk soaked slab of feverish rock ‘n’ roll grooves and rhythms collide as in a mosh pit, the band leaving the listener physically wasted with similarly fevered emotions in tandem before closing off the EP with one final potent stomp.

A re-mastered version of Dead Sea completes the rampage. Instantly it is a rolling wave of portentous rhythms and stalking riffs within smog like intensity which smothers the senses; a dark trespassing hug veined by resonating suggestive hues and shimmering textures. Primal and mesmeric, shamanic and seductive, the track is an increasingly enthralling drama and as the EP, simply Mammoth Mammoth at their best.

Mammoth Bloody Mammoth is out now via Napalm Records.

Pete RingMaster 20/02/2016

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