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Recent single Shrapnel alerted us, like for so many others, to the raw and explosive potential of Scottish rockers Maybe We’re Dead Already. It was a potent teaser for the band’s latest EP, On The Way Down, a powerful invitation to go exploring what proves to be an impressively rousing incitement.

Formed in 2013 by guitarist Matthew Sharp and bassist Steven Bowie, the Glasgow hailing band took little time in making their mark on the Scottish live rock scene. With a line-up completed by drummer Cree Hoggan and guitarist/vocalist Paul Morton, Maybe We’re Dead Already take inspirations from the likes of Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Truck Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Queens of the Stone Age into their own attention catching sound as evidenced by their previous self-titled first demo EP. Now with that aforementioned single leading the way, the band has sparked a new strength of focus their way with the release of On The Way Down.

First offering from the EP is Stretched Out and Strained. From its first heavy breath with winding tendrils of sonic rapacity, the song awakens ears and appetite, especially once the aggressively inviting tones of Morton begin to add additional bait to get easily hooked on. A feisty opening slips into a relaxed moment as the vocals emerge but swiftly sparks into a feistier twist of energy and intensity with all contrasts colluding from thereon in as rhythms stalk the senses. To it all, the guitar prowess of Sharp creates a striking sonic web, everything uniting in irritably ballsy hard rock as the song gets the release off to a strong and enjoyable start, though it is soon eclipse by the following incitements.

cover_RingMaster ReviewThe EP’s title track is next, instantly unleashing a fiery tempest of attitude and sound upon the senses. On The Way Down is a predator of a song, prowling with venomous rhythms and riffs as Morton growls with his welcomingly varied delivery. Like a mix of Reapers Riddle and Crashgate, the song is a tempestuous assault leaving pleasure thicker than ever; a success matched by the groove sculpted Lost in Static. As guitars entangle ears in their bluesy toxicity, the vocals lead an anthemic resourcefulness which equally fuels bass, drums, and the track’s sultry flames.

Both tracks show the grouchy charm and infectious ability of Maybe We’re Dead Already to thrilling effect, qualities and more echoed in Shrapnel. From the start rhythms throw muscular temptation as riffs singe the hairs lining ears, their inflamed coaxing enhanced by the throaty drama of Bowie’s bass and the great mix of vocals. It is easy to see why the song was the EP’s lead invitation, its hooks and sultry grooves caked in a contagion of craft and imagination with energy impossible not to find yourself fully involved in.

The Bitter Things We Know soon shows itself a dynamic match with its less imposing but just as virulently catchy and inventive charge. Melodies caress as Cree’s ever gripping beats probe, their combined lure in the more robust and boisterous intensity which develops, never wavering within another pungent rock ‘n’ roll stomp.

Completed by the relatively brief acoustic enticement of True Faith (Break the Destiny), a song which grows from a decent first impression to a far stronger proposal over listens, On The Way Down more than lives up to the promise of its single. Maybe We’re Dead Already is a band still growing into their skin and sound, with minor elements to refine, but they also have announced themselves as a real prospect on the ascent within British rock with thoroughly enjoyable and seriously potent songs to prove it.

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Pete RingMaster 17/02/2016

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