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Your Illuminations is a UK band already making a bit of a stir with their anthemic rock/pop sound and now look set to trigger even stronger attention with the release of debut single Hey Scarlet. It is a song which has previously sparked eager reactions via its outing on YouTube, luring close to 1000 views in its first month, and is already luring a new host of fresh ears with its recent official release.

It is fair to say that the Yorkshire hailing trio of vocalist/guitarist Robbie, bassist Fink, and drummer Ric, has rapidly grown from a small local incitement to one attracting national spotlights since their first steps in 2014. From small shows, they have ventured upon two well-received UK tours with a third this month, and become the name on the lips of many. Later this year, the band will uncage their first EP, and if it is as potential drenched as their debut single, it will be a highly anticipated offering quickly becoming a source of keen attention.

Hey Scarlet takes barely a breath to grab ears with its early engaging wash of sound; jangly guitars and heavy rhythms uniting for an arousing introduction. The strong and impressing variety fuelled tones of Robbie swiftly add to the emerging depth and drama of the song; subsequently an aural theatre unafraid to mix relative calms and feisty expulsions with raucous imagination and craft. Every aspect of the track is carefully nurtured for thick enjoyment; from the great backing vocals, which seem female offered, to the anthemic roar of bass and guitar aligned to thumping beats and attitude loaded riffs and hooks, the track is a commandingly pleasing and resourcefully bracing proposal.

Whether Your Illuminations has a majorly unique sound yet is debatable but there is no doubting that it has a freshness and richness of texture that, certainly going by this one song, helps the band stand out. Ahead of their next bigger endeavour, Hey Scarlet makes for a striking first listen to a band easy to expect we will be hearing much more of.

Hey Scarlet is out now@

Pete RingMaster 16/02/2016

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