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This month sees the European release of Come Clean, the debut album from Italian rock band Burn The Ocean and an introduction which grabs ears from start to finish with an eventful and passionate mix of alternative/heavy rock.

Rising from the ashes of 2NOVEMBRE, the Genova hailing quartet is made up of guitarist/vocalist Emanuele Pecollo, drummer Davide Di Maggio, and bassist Valentina Di Maggio, all previously in the former band, and guitarist/vocalist Fabio Palombi of Nerve and Ritual Of Rebirth. It is a merger of talent which swiftly shines within Come Clean, a release which song by song and listen to listen becomes more potent and enjoyable.

Straight away ears are enticed with Days in November, the opener emerging from the twist of a radio dial with pungent grooves and jabbing beats. It is a strong invitation soon infused with more intimidating textures and glimpses of sinister vocals, though still those initial thick grooves steal ears and appetite. Quickly backed by the vocal unity of Pecollo and Palombi, the track is soon showing a confident swagger and rhythmic muscles as infectious grunge hues colour its thick enticement like Soundgarden with a predatory snarl.

Burn_The_Ocean_come_clean_RingMaster ReviewThe Seed, as persistently used as enticement across the whole album, offers easy to devour grooves and melody sculpted hooks backed by again a potent mix of vocals. With the dark throated tones of Valentina Di Maggio’s bass prowling that thick seduction aside the composed but impacting beats of Davide Di Maggio, the song also grows into a raw yet welcoming grunge shaped incitement encrusted with classic and heavy rock flavours and attitude.

As suggested the album becomes stronger and more compelling with each song, though Land of Mud is more matches its predecessor than outshines it as it strolls along with a lighter catchier gait within tendrils of spicy guitar around moodier rhythms. It is Feast which makes the more dramatic proposal with its fiery nature and sonic twang around an inflamed heart represented powerfully by both sets of vocals. It is hard to say that there are any major surprises but the persistently evolving and heftily flavoursome song is only a step up in potency and attraction with its easy to get involved in union of individual prowess and emotive intensity.

Latest single Bitedown comes next, its grouchy but welcoming character the lead into another web of intoxicating grooves and expressive melodies around robustly tenaciously rhythms. The track sizzles in ears, its anthemic antagonism and rousing blaze of sounds virulent drama as it steals top honours in the impressing release.

The dynamic, groove infested cover of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog soon and boisterously backs up the album’s pinnacle, the track an incendiary roar of sonic fire and creative dexterity exciting ears before making way for the closing allurement of Gone Away. A southern rock infused instrumental crowded with evocative samples, it plays like an epilogue to the vociferous shadows emerging across the themes of its predecessors. Sparking the imagination and unmistakably pleasing ears, the forcibly enticing acoustic rock finishes seducing Come Clean off in magnetic style.

Without lighting a fierce blaze, Burn The Ocean has announced themselves in fine and perpetually impressing style. Come Clean is a release which needs and deserves potent attention to show the depth of its success and potential, whilst suggesting that this is a band with a very promising future.

Come Clean is out now via Sliptrick Records through Amazon and other stores.

http://www.burntheocean.com   https://www.facebook.com/burntheocean

Pete RingMaster 03/02/2016

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