Spreading The Disease – Bulldozer

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Spreading The Disease is a new ravaging roar on the UK metal scene, certainly if their new single Bulldozer is the sign of things to come. The Kent based quintet is the creation Steve Saunders, the former bassist of The Self Titled for five years, and a project formed late 2014 to allow “for a different approach to both band policy and creativeness.” Swiftly it began to grow with Steve’s almost instant link up with drummer Edd Saunders and over following months the addition of lead guitarist Julien Riquelme, rhythm guitarist Martin Osborne and vocalist Adam May to the line-up, a creative union more than voraciously resourceful and inventively impassioned as shown by Bulldozer.

big_logo_RingMaster Review     That period also saw the writing of a host of songs, inspirations ranging from Pantera, Kill or Be Killed and Stone Sour to Slipknot, Machine Head, and Breed 77 amongst many adding to the evolving fury and adventure fuelling their sound. Now ahead of the recording of the band’s debut album early next year, Bulldozer has been uncaged to make the first heavyweight introduction to the Spreading The Disease infection.

Instantly the song offers an imposing and tenacious smothering of the senses, riffs and rhythms colluding to create a proposition living up in intensity and weight to its title. Almost as quickly though sonic tendrils draped in melodic fire are entwining the incitement too, their appearance aligned to the raw bear like confrontation of May’s vocals. All together it is a formidable and increasingly magnetic onslaught with only the more classically honed clean eruptions of backing vocals not quite working for personal tastes, though a minor thing in the ear in their slight conflict with the bestial and contagious predation of the track.

Continuing to brew and breed new twists and elements that grip attention, there is something for all one metal/heavy rock fans within the song, whether one with an appetite for a Mastodon or Slipknot to pluck two names from the air, or with a taste for extreme metal or more classically bred melodic metal, the song is a perpetual and enjoyably unpredictable unveiling of varied styles and rousing twists.

Bulldozer is a potent and striking first listen to Spreading The Disease, not enough being a single song to sing the band’s praises from lofty rooftops and claim them as a new major force, but as mentioned definitely a proposal offering plenty inciting a want to know more.

Bulldozer is being streamed @ https://soundcloud.com/spreading-the-disease/spreading-the-disease-bulldozer

http://www.stdband.com/   https://www.facebook.com/spreadingthedisease.official

Pete RingMaster 17/12/2015

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