Fins A Luminous – Setting Souls/Funeral Shake

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The introduction made to us by Fins A Luminous when making us aware of their new single was “We are UK music makers Fins A Luminous and we make music that combines dark electronica, mind-bending soundscapes and hypnotising vocals.” That just about sums up all the info available about the project but more importantly also the style and impact of their music as evidenced by the double A-sided single Setting Souls/Funeral Shake. Each track is an individual adventure of evocative electronic and emotive exploration which, though one song connects with personal tastes more than the other, leaves the imagination and pleasure revelling in the immersive prowess of the music.

Setting Souls is a fusion of house inspired electronics and melodic expression with shadow wrapped vocals a potent temper and contrast. There is an eighties hue to the track early on, a whiff of bands like Heaven 17 and Associates emerging before darker shades and repetitive enterprise emerge carrying hints of later decades and electronic diversity. From a good first impression, the song becomes a potent grower, making a bigger persuasion with every listen though each time it still gets eclipsed by its companion.

As expected the tone and atmosphere of Funeral Shake is a darker exploration living up to its name in tone and atmosphere; the gothic air and crawling melodic suggestiveness a haunting funereal romance on body and thoughts. It carries an intimacy in its vocal reflection and melancholic sound which counters the wider ethereal atmosphere of its compelling spatial soundscape. Again the track is a fascinating blending of contrasts and irresistibly mesmeric as it smothers ears in emotively thick and immersive electronic smog, its lingering success breeding a needy compulsion to hear more.

Funeral Shake certainly stole the show with a personal appetite and inspired hopes it was a reflection of the core direction of the Fins A Luminous imagination, but then again Setting Souls was more than a small part of the enjoyment found in the single so something similar for the band’s next release would not see a turning up of the nose either.

Setting Souls/Funeral Shake is out now as a name your price download at the Fins A Luminous Bandcamp profile.

Pete RingMaster 15/12/2015

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