Sittin’ Pretty – Twenty Four Seven / Hopeless Annie

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Sittin’ Pretty is an alternative/blues rock band from the North West of England and a proposition, if their new single is a sign of things to come, we are all going to hear a lot more about in coming months and years. There is booziness to the band’s sound, an intoxicating essence which entices and seduces certainly on the evidence of their double A-sided single Twenty Four Seven / Hopeless Annie. The release enthrals from the start, worming it way into the psyche to linger long after its songs have departed. Admittedly its first touch is potent without seemingly lighting a blaze in the passions, yet once it is not there tantalising ears it still haunts the imagination to pleasing effect.

Sittin Pretty artwork_RingMaster ReviewHailing from Manchester and Bolton, Sittin’ Pretty consists of vocalist Conor Wilde, guitarists Lewis Grounds and Cameron Gavin, bassist George Brown, and drummer Sayon Beaufort-Harwood. It is a young quintet blessed with the ability to fuse classic and modern hues into their own adventurously provocative sound. Produced by Steven Wilson Jnr and engineered by Gary Hadfield (The Courteeners, Elbow, The Stereophonics, The Twang, Justin Timberlake), the band’s introduction to the world is a compelling persuasion needing little time to make an impact.

Twenty Four Seven embraces ears with voice and a low key caress of keys initially, the croon of Wilde imposing and inviting bait leading the listener into the quickly broadening landscape and heart of the song. Subsequently ears are entangled in spicy guitar grooves and prowling bass tempting, each a flirty mix of blues/ jazz tenacity around the increasingly potent vocals of Wilde and band. The whole temperature of the song continues to increase with every sweep of guitar and swinging groove, their sonic fire aligned to the emotive flames breaking out as the track heads to a sizzling climax as pungent and individual as its melancholically suggestive start.

Hopeless Annie opens with strokes of fuzz lined guitar, a raw coaxing soon joined by another pulsating bass lure from Brown amidst potent sonic mistiness. The strength of the vocals again demand focus upon entering the sultry yet volatile smooch of bluesy tempting, but quickly sharing the limelight with the craft escaping all members of the band. Though the track is a spark or two less stirring than the roar made by Twenty Four Seven, it equally leaves ears and pleasure full, and an appetite for more, hungrier.

It might be only two songs but already anticipation of bigger and bolder things has been awakened by the single; just up to Sittin’ Pretty to deliver now.

Twenty Four Seven / Hopeless Annie is out now @

Pete RingMaster 10/12/2015

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