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Scottish rockers Maybe We’re Dead Already have just released their new EP On The Way Down, a six track roar of alternative and hard rock led by lead track Shrapnel. Sent over to us as a teaser and presumably the initial bait/single for the bigger release, the track is a grizzly and grouchy stomp of tenacious rock ‘n’ roll which certainly sparks a want to hear more.

Hailing from Glasgow, Maybe We’re Dead Already emerged in 2013, formed by guitarist Matthew Sharp and bassist Steven Bowie. Quickly they became a gigging whirlwind across Scotland earning potent reputation backed by their self-titled demo EP from which certain songs found strong airplay on the likes of Amazing Radio. Now it is On The Way Down and prime weapon Shrapnel poised to stir up more attention and further afield.

Big boned rhythms and fiery riffs open up the track, no major surprises but plenty of energy and raw tempting charging ears from the off and matched in strength by the vocals of guitarist Paul Morton. Hooks and rhythms swiftly collude to create a web of bait which alone grips the appetite, leaving the imagination to the vocals and the creative flames shooting from the guitars across its bows.

Inspirations for the band come in the shapes of bands like as Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Truck Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Queens of the Stone Age, and certainly a couple of those are influential hues to the grungy rock ‘n’ roll on offer. Eagerly driven by the formidable swings and tenacity of drummer Cree Hoggan, Shrapnel is a rousing, easy to enjoy persuasion.

We have yet to hear the rest of the EP it comes from but Shrapnel suggests that is also well worth checking out for similarly enjoyable hard-nosed rock ‘n’ roll.

Shrapnel and the On The Way Down EP are out now @

Pete RingMaster 10/12/2015

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