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With the release of LUV, 2015 has seen three tantalising reasons why 2016 might just be the year of Coquin Migale. The band’s new single continues where its predecessors left off, providing a mesmeric blend of shoegaze, Brit pop, and ethereal atmospherics, and just like the previous pair, it sublimely lights ears and tempts the imagination.

Formed in 2013, Coquin Migale has been no strangers to attention and acclaim, certainly over the past twelve months or so. Early on their live presence earned strong support and a swiftly growing fan base whilst the EPs, Yellow Room and Feel, sparked even broader awareness and praise lit recognition of the band. This year, the singles Gold and Socotra took things to another level with fresh fans lured and media acclaim garnered whilst showing more of the rich hues within the band’s sound. Expectations were that maybe things would settle now, that the band has shown us all it currently had in its inventive locker but no, LUV swiftly offers another strain of mellow seducing amidst an intricate weaving of flavours in one fascinating and alluring serenade.

The song opens with a single guitar and a melody which seems to wink as it invites ears to grab its trailing elegance. It is just the first turn in a maze of intriguing endeavour and sonic imagination, its House of Love meets Maff beckoning soon broadening into a melodic painting of Brit pop revelry, melodic rock drama, and psych rock exploration. That again is only a slither of where LUV ventures and takes willing ears, the track almost tempestuous in its enterprise and masterful in its seductive persuasion.

Arguably their most inventively adventurous song yet, LUV epitomises everything about Coquin Migale that is getting folk very excited, and yet it is easy to feel that the quartet of Alex Soper (vocals/ guitar), Jack Brooks (guitar), Stevie Kane (bass), and Josh Holmes (drums) are still only just beginning to tap into their potential. Happy days!

LUV is released November 20th via End Of The Trail Records/Rough Trade Distribution.

Pete RingMaster 20/11/2015

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