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Plastique_RingMaster Review

Earlier this year, after a time taken out to reflect on their direction and sound, alternative-electro trio Plastique uncaged the Quake single, a growl of electro rock revealing the new attitude fuelled exploration the band was turning to. Now the band confirm the potency of their new creative adventure with Lips, a track taking the snarl and intensity of its predecessor to an even more intimidating and thrilling place. The song is a rousing roar for ears and soul, a wicked manipulator of feet and hips, and further evidence that Plastique have opened up a vat of inspiration and creative voracity to impress and inspire.

Plastique_ Lips cover_RingMaster Review     As mentioned, the London based threesome of vocalist Anelise Kunz, guitarist Fabio Couto, and DJ/producer Gabriel Ralls decided to pull back on their productivity to reassess their direction and the next step for the band. It is not that Plastique were floundering but assumedly like everyone, there comes a time when batteries and maybe more so the passion for and challenge of doing things need to be re-ignited and it appears that was the same for the band at this point. Quake showed it was a wise and potent move, Lips instant confirmation too that the move was the spark needed to take the band to the next level in sound, invention, and in breaking into the strongest spotlights.

From its first breath Lips is a grouchy grizzle of intensity and electric rapacity, keys and guitars a fierce sizzle with a contagious strength and persuasion to match. The thickly alluring voice of Kunz quickly spins its web of mellow, melodic, and antagonistic potency too; her delivery weaving a Cato van Dyck of My Baby meets Suzi Quatro presence, the former’s band also an essence to compare to within the song at times, even though the delta blues funk of the Dutch band and Plastique’s raucous imagination are of different colour.

The fiery air and emotion of band and song continues to boldly boil and tempt as it rumbles and grumbles within ears, the compelling tenacity of the songwriting and the hungry appetite of the sounds its spawns, a ferociously thrilling furnace of electro punk/rock.

Quake was impressive but Lips out flames it with sheer power. Roll on a new album is our last thought and that no one should hang about for that though but go grab this treat now.

Lips is released 13th November @

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2015

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