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Stay Human, apart from certain moments, took its time to work its way into the passions, but it has to be said that the new album from Italian duo SoulspiryA has become one fascination repeat incitement in recent times. It is an album which at times is an instant virulence of sound and temptation but in other moments a more demanding and certainly intensive exploration of dark emotions and gloom laden ambiences to try and get involved in. Together though both vehicles of the band’s creativity absorb and transfix to ultimately and firmly capture the imagination.

Creating a sound tagged as alternative rock but really is a tapestry of equally thick varied styles, gothic, melodic, and electronic rock openly amongst them, the Venice hailing band consists of Nico (keyboards, piano, synths, programming, vocals) and Alberto Frassetto P (guitars, bass, percussion and vocals). Forming SoulspiryA in 2014, the pair’s expansive musical backgrounds offer some of the influences in the musical and emotional explorations making up Stay Human. Each song is an adventure into the unknown in many ways; unpredictability as enticing as the music itself yet the band also weaves in familiar flavours to tempt ears with an easily accessible ticket into the individual dark climates of tehe tracks.

Stay-Human_RingMaster Review   It starts with We Are Coming, a gripping incitement springing from a shadow rich, atmospheric opening into a melody laced saunter through dark streets of slightly intimidating vocals and provocative electronic radiance. Synths are soon sharing their flames across the expanding landscape of the song, but equally slips into intimate avenues of guitar and intrigue prove to be as the compelling as the opener builds. It is an enthralling start to Stay Human continuing with You Decide and its electro rock croon where again keys and guitars unite in a fascination of sound matched by the enjoyable mix of vocals and their narrative. As in its predecessor, flavours ebb and flow through different colours and waves of intensity, classically honed piano for one weaving amongst the more robust but still reined roar of the track.

The Tunnel wraps ears in a warm glaze of keys and melody next, increasingly brewing its energy and infection until a slip into a momentary calm becomes the spark for a boisterous sonic and emotive vocal expulsion. An eighties hue, not for the first or last time, also aligns itself to the absorbing texture and imagination of the track though its electro rock/metal strength is of modern attitude and intensity.

The melancholic Sorry follows, its array of keys a maudlin instrumental reflection of suggestion and elegance before the virulent body of Be The First steps forward with a flirtation of electro pop and gothic rock to seduce ears and inflame the senses. It is an addictive proposal, with slim vocals allowing again the waltz to cast a portrait of suggestiveness for the imagination to paint its own created canvas. The potency of the song’s contagious core is emulated in This Is Why, a seducing of repetitive tones and inventive textures spun into another proposition as pop infectious as it is evocatively dramatic. Once more vocals are more a texture than a leading incitement and again it works a treat as the song acts like a kaleidoscope of temptation, reminding of UK band Defeat in some ways, more mellow but just as emotively descriptive.

The piano led instrumental serenade of Fading Away takes over, its air increasingly darkening and tempestuous but bound tightly in the melodic charm cast by keys, before Somewhere like mist sonically glistens and lays emotionally invasive on the senses, it subsequently followed by the symphonic angst and majesty of We Will Be Alone. All three are individual inspirations for ears and thoughts, all increasingly captivating proposals with the last of the three carrying a touch of early Ministry to it, when that band was a synth pop proposition.

You’ll Try is a slow burner of persuasion, its industrial haunting and sampled intrigue a magnetic lure into the dramatic heart of a song which never quite ignites the same reactions as found by earlier tracks but still persistently pleases before letting The Night Before bring, with its melodic and atmospheric smothering of ears, the album to an engagingly accomplished conclusion.

More impressive with every venture through its thought provoking climate and landscape, Stay Human is a release which rather than setting ears ablaze entices them, becoming more persuasive with each listen. It is an impressive debut for Soulspirya, a strong base from which to become bolder and even more distinctly experimental.

Stay Human is available worldwide and through most stores now through Sliptrick Records.

Pete RingMaster 12/11/2015

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