Hiraeth – The World Ends With You EP

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As a wave of new and emerging melodic hardcore bands seems to swell with every week, Hiraeth are attempting to ride its crest and grab attention with their new EP, The World Ends With You. It is intent easy to see succeeding as though the four-track offering is not bred from an entirely new template, it has a freshness, energy, and indeed imagination to it that separates its presence by at least one step, or two, from the crowd.

The UK quartet comes from the suburbs of London and has taken little time in earning excited support in the local and general melodic hardcore scene. Their raucously sonic live presence and now The World Ends With You has seen to that; the EP, as the band continues to ignite venues and their reputation, an injection of turbulent energy and voracious sound stirring ears and appetite within its opening seconds.

Its start is provided by Words to Echo, its first breath by a sonic breeze of guitar as acidic to the touch as it is provocative to the imagination. Swiftly firm beats and a blaze of additional guitar enterprise from Cohan Woods smothers ears to alluring effect, the tempest abating a touch as the raw emotive vocal squalls of Charlie Clayton begin spilling into the latent roar of the song. Darker hues and hooks edge closer, especially via the bestial tone of Pete Woolven’s bass, subsequently colluding in a rabid onslaught of metal seeded ferocity. As quickly learnt, Hiraeth allow their songs to twist and meander, to blossom unpredictability within sounds that are familiar but refreshingly, and often violently, engaging. It is a gripping and potent start to the EP but just a teaser to bigger things starting with its successor.

cover_RingMaster Review   Barely Breathing is a carnal protagonist from its first moment, the hefty swings of drummer Daniel Berkes steering a ravenous horde of predacious riffs with lethal and gripping precision. Again a restraint is employed as the song grows into its creative skin, a mesh of aggression and varied flavours uniting in a web of anthemic and corrosive enterprise. Featuring William Alex Young of Clockwork, the track stomps, almost stalks the senses with a magnetic swagger and irritable nature, the chorus weaving its own rich contagion to match that bred through the barbarous rhythms of Woolven and Berkes. Arguable the track is not offering anything majorly new but it is one hellacious enjoyment which alone ensures Hiraeth are a firm fixture on our radar now, a persuasion backed by the just as pestilential and gripping Beside Me. Vocals roar, guitars conjure, and rhythms bombard as the band spins a tapestry of savagery and melodic temptation, harmonies flowing with the latter to equal success. The fusion of metal and melodic hardcore continues to engross and whip up a hungry appetite for its storm, Hiraeth in turn showing themselves to be one hellacious rock ‘n’ roll incitement.

The outstanding Walkers brings The World Ends With You to a pungent and vitriolic end, once more caustic punk and metal spawned animosity entangling for a virulent ravaging equipped with barbed hooks and hostile infection. As across the previous trio of songs, there is something almost indefinable in the band’s sound that lifts it from the familiar into an invigorating and seriously gripping proposal, and whatever it is, long may it continue as the band blossoms in originality and invention ahead; of that there is no doubt.

The World Ends With You EP is digitally out now @ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-world-ends-with-you-ep/id1041465821 and on CD @ http://hiraethuk.bigcartel.com/

https://www.facebook.com/HIRAETHUK/   https://twitter.com/HiraethUk

Pete RingMaster 04/11/2015

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