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Leading up to the release of their new EP Another Year, Still Here, guitarist/co-vocalist Zoë Waugh of UK rockers ReVerbed revealed that “when we were half way through recording this E.P, we came so close to packing it all in”, going on to say “ultimately, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give up on six years of hard work. So, we are still here, still strong and still loving what we do.” With its title assumingly reflecting that moment, the four-track release shows why we should all give a sigh of relief that the Brighton based band did carry on. It is a sparkling bundle of snarling pop punk with the roar of hungry rock ‘n’ roll that, though maybe stronger in its first half, provides a consistently enjoyable captivation.

Originally from Doncaster, ReVerbed consists of guitarist /co-vocalist George Donoghue, drummer Josh, and bassist Joe alongside Zoë, a quartet uniting in high school and staying together through “through college, University, jobs, MySpace…”, their music blossoming in that undoubtedly creative stability. 2012 saw the release of the band’s Keyholes & Whispers EP, its attention nudging release surpassed by their well-received debut album This Machine the following year. With singles also making strong persuasions, ReVerbed equally earned a potent reputation for their hunger for hitting stages and giving the live scene a storming time. Now through that emotional struggle, ReVerbed stand ready to make another strong impact on national recognition with Another Year, Still Here.

ReVerbed AW_RingMaster Review   It opens with the excellent Breathe In Breathe Out, ears instantly impressed as an early mix of alluring vocals within a caress of guitar provides an inviting finger into the song. Low key but thickly potent, it takes alert anticipation into a healthy stroll of eager riffs, firm rhythms, and Zoë’s charming vocals. There is already a fiercer lining to the song too, the mix of vocals from Zoë and Donoghue, amongst further great vocal hues, adding drama to the great unpredictable and provocative adventure of sound and imagination around them. Punk ‘n’ roll virulence with pop infection fuelling its tenacity, the track continues to leap and twist in ears, instinctive hooks providing further irresistible bait.

The outstanding start continues with Bury Me, the band’s new single. Its grouchy opening quickly has ears and appetite on side, riffs a stirring proposal from which the riveting predatory prowl of the bass takes centre stage for a moment, quickly being courted by sinew swung beats and Zoë’s ever enticing delivery. The track is soon cantering with contagious enterprise whilst still showing an antagonistically carnivorous side. Once more the invention in songwriting and sound impresses and excites as too the just as skilfully nurtured vocal diversity and resourcefulness.

Keep Me In Your Eyes is next up, its entrance less dramatic than its predecessors but soon creating a highly agreeable flame of rock shaped by masterful slithers of imagination and fluid enterprise in vocals and hook littered melodies. It is fair to say that for personal tastes the song is missing the boldness of the first two tracks, and their ‘grouchier’ nature, but easily keeps the satisfaction high as too does closing track Promises. A slower tempting than earlier songs, despite making a strong first impression, it grows into a lingering slice of pop punk with a romancing melodic elegance and smoulder to its body. When you find a melody, hook, or own vocal chords repeating at will, you know a song has something potent in its presence, Promises a prime example.

Another Year, Still Here is not a ground-breaking slice of pop punk but it is one majorly pleasing and individually enjoyable romp to get hungry over. Time for another sigh that ReVerbed saw sense.

The Another Year, Still Here EP is out from October 23rd

Pete RingMaster 23/10/2015

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