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Providing plenty for the imagination to get its teeth into as ears are intimidated and aggressively roared into, UK metallers Walk In Coma give us one heftily enjoyable tempest with new EP Narrenturm. Offering a fusion of varied metal and heavy rock flavours within a perpetually mighty bellow of intensity, the release unleashes a raw and caustic climate over a constantly twisting canvas of invention. Inspirations, including Machine Head, Lamb Of God, and Architects, are open within the Walk In Coma sound but it does not prevent Narrenturm being a confrontation bristling with potential and raging freshness.

Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, Walk In Coma was formed in 2006, quickly stirring up support and a potent reputation through their live endeavours across the capital and south of England. The years have seen the quintet also share stages with numerous bands, including of Breed 77 and Funeral For A Friend, alongside their own successful headlining shows. Now a release, already waking attention online, gets to put its big nudge on a national spotlight, Narrenturm attempting to awaken wider flung appetites to back the band’s continuing hunger to play live.

Walk In Coma Cover Artwork_RingMaster Review     The release opens with the ambient suggestiveness of Fool’s Tower; the brief instrumental as atmospherically portentous as it is melodically captivating, and growing in intensity with each passing chord to lead ears and thoughts into the bestial jaws of the following Raising Hell. Instantly a Pantera like growl infests a groove loaded assault of sound and attitude, that Machine Head reference a rich tone within the southern spiced temptation. The bass of Tom Case develops a glorious swagger within the track, seemingly inspiring a similar stroll and swing to Mark Elliott and James Cater’s guitar enterprise. It is a compelling and quickly virulent incitement only added to by the ethereal touch of keys and the ferocity of Joe Reid’s beats.

Just as impressive and impacting is the grouchy growl of Alex Adlington’s vocals, a delivery hinting at good variety in his armoury on the first song and realised within next up Nein. As grooves and riffs collude to create an infestation of inescapable persuasion, Adlington reveals a cleaner touch to his prowess yet still with a dirty snarl that can easily slip into predatory antagonism at any given moment. It is a strong essence within the equally imaginative twists and creative throes of the song. There is a touch of Bloodsimple meets Architects to the encounter but equally the grungy/melodic flavouring of a Bush or Gruntruck rears its head at times too.

Asylum lives up to its title straight after, its body of sound accomplished and volatile with a sense of welcome adventurous bedlam to its nature whilst Retreat stalks the senses, its Devildriver meets Mudvayne animus crawls maliciously over the body. In all songs, the heaviness and hostility of the band sound and energy over wraps the imaginative and often sublime craft and invention working away within the storm a touch, but never really defusing the potency and fascination of such elements and ideation, as shown by this gripping pair of tracks.

Narrenturm is concluded by the rapacious furnace of The Fire, a track not quite living up to what came before with consistency but at times sparking a lusty reaction for its persistently riveting musical and emotional ire. The track is all the same a fine end to an increasingly mighty release. It is still early days for Walk In Coma in many ways but they are, according to the thoroughly satisfying Narrenturm, heading in the right direction to bigger success.

Narrenturm is released through all stores on Friday 23rd October.

http://www.walkincoma.co.uk    https://www.facebook.com/walkincoma     http://walkincoma.bandcamp.com/releases  https://twitter.com/walkincoma

Pete RingMaster 22/10/2015

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