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Introduced to it just recently by a member of the band itself, the We Are Invisible EP is one of those encounters to whet the appetite through potential and a potent sound. A fusion of death and metalcore, the release comes from Polish metallers You Shall Suffer and was released at the end of 2014 but a fresh acquaintance to us and now available as a name your own price download, we thought a quick perusal was in order to make others aware.

cover_RingMaster Review     Formed in 2013, the Wroclaw hailing quintet of Kuba Szewczyk, Michał Kacprowicz, Michał Szymański, Radek Strojny, and Marius Wołosz begin the EP with its title track. We Are Invisible opens on a great sinister sonic haunting which is quickly joined by almost tribal percussion and atmospheric intrigue. Things get darker and tenser as riffs and rapier like rolling rhythms join the tempting next, their presence the spark to a bullying tempest of sound led by raw vocals which ebb and flow in strength a little but keep ears gripped as the music works on the imagination. The song is at its most potent when entwining that initial coaxing of sound into its formidable body but less successful when it relaxes into a less imposing chorus that drifts across rather than accosts the senses. Nevertheless it is an enjoyable start to a release which gets stronger with every track.

Purposefully striding forward from a distance, Corporate Bitch is next, coiled grooves spewing their alluring toxicity across a brooding mass of riffs and rhythms which in turn breed a varied vocal aggression. A dark throated bassline grips attention as quickly and strongly as anything in the song initially, but as it weaves its sonic enterprise and flavoursome metal predation, the song itself becomes increasingly enticing and distinctive upon a recognisable raw metal canvas, especially in its great prowl of a climax.

Sound wise You Shall Suffer are not breaking boundaries or reshaping existing landscapes but there is a spark to their sound which ensures it does not easily fall into the crowd, Diggin’ Your Own Grave further proof with its meandering melodic toxins and guttural vocal antagonism around flesh whipping rhythms. Uncompromising and irritably hostile, the track keeps ears and attention glued but finds itself eclipsed by the closing might of Sleeper Must Awake. Easily the best and most inventive track on the EP with its tempestuous onslaught of intensity and hostility, it also comes equipped with a compelling and unpredictable tapestry of guitar and bass prowess around vocal causticity that just hits the spot.

On the other three songs alone, the We Are Invisible EP is an enjoyable and more than solid proposition but add Sleeper Must Awake and you have a release suggesting You Shall Suffer has the potential and invention within them to be much more than just another extreme metal encounter.

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Pete RingMaster 13/10/2015

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