Raising Jupiter – Give Me The News

Raising Jupiter_RingMaster Review

Taken from the band’s recently released EP Chrome, new single Give Me The News tells you all you need to know about the accomplished and inventively enticing heart of the Raising Jupiter sound. It is straight forward rock ‘n’ roll with an infectious lining of skilled hooks and fiery melodies that makes no demands yet provides, certainly in the case of their single and indeed EP, a lingering tempting which like an itch you just have to go back and indulge in with another scratch or two.

Raising Jupiter is a band from Cork in Ireland formed by vocalist/guitarist Dave Aitken, drummer John McGrath, and bassist Sean Scott Baird. 2014 saw their self-financed and released debut album A Better Balance, a well-received step in the emergence of the band, its success backing up a strong live reputation already courted by the trio. The singles Riding on a Wave in the August of 2014 and Tight Rope in the February of this year has brought fresh and new attention the way of Raising Jupiter, with their first live show in the UK at Camden Underworld another sign of things beginning to stir for the band. Now it is the turn of the Chrome EP and Give Me The News to keep things running towards broader spotlights.

The single straight away offers ears a spicy bassline, firm beats, and fuzzy riffs, all of which do not impose but easily ensure attention is enticed. A quick appetite for what is on offer arises too, the vocals of Aitken again not confrontational in any form but lined with tempting expression leading the listener, as the catchy sounds, into one addictively infectious chorus. With the bass a particular enjoyment to match the lure of that rousing crescendo, the track continues to weave captivation with melodic enterprise which at times maybe is a touch understated but always a potent lure. It is a highly enjoyable encounter and though big surprises are scarce and familiarity is open, it all adds to the charm and easy tempting of the song and the kind of irresistible coaxing any single should give for its parent release.

If you want strong and thoroughly satisfying rock ‘n’ roll, then Give Me The News and Raising Jupiter are well worth checking out.

The single Give Me The News and the Chrome EP are out now through iTunes and Amazon.

https://twitter.com/raising_jupiter https://www.facebook.com/raisingjupiter http://www.raisingjupiter.com/

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2015

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