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The world might be coming apart at the seams around us, its future looking bleaker and more chaotic with every passing week, but there is no reason not to swing those hips and throw those feet around in a fitting dance. That is what Norwegian hardcore noise merchants Shevils think as they continue to create sounds which caustically roar and challenge physically and lyrically in confrontations driven by an inescapable infection of virulent hooks and fiercely manipulating rhythms. The Oslo band has been doing this for a long while now, providing the soundtrack to a social and world bedlam with voracious and increasingly addictive tempests, and ahead of their new album they have unleashed one of their fiercest temptations yet in the shape of One Thousand Years.

cover artist Chris Facco

cover artist Chris Facco

The new single draws on the band’s early raw sonic winds, aligning this with the anthemic disorientating stomps they have become perpetually acclaimed for over past releases. Formed in 2011, the band which is centred around the songwriting and craft of vocalist Anders Voldrønning, guitarist Andreas Andre Myrvold, and drummer Anders Emil Rønning (former member Christoffer Gaarder also involved in the creation of the new single), quickly sparked attention at home with early single Is This To be (Our Lives)? and debut album The Year Of The Fly their first year. The Necropolis EP in 2012 was when broader appetites began to be lured, its success in turn seeing its predecessors get fresh focus in Europe and further afield. Outstanding second album Lost In Tartarus was the real break-through release into stronger spotlights, its storming character and sounds cementing Shevil’s reputation for punishing and inflaming the body and psyche simultaneously, a success boiling over again with the new single.

Produced and mixed by Marcus Forsgren, and taken from the band’s upcoming third full-length The White Sea, everything about One Thousand Years, from its siren clad cover to the riotous sounds is a lure into dark ravenous depths. A grouchy blaze of guitar is the first tempting; a rally of anthemic beats the next with both aligning to a heavy predatory bassline to welcome the distinctive sandy roar of Voldrønning. A ‘mellow’ caress of causticity soaks the chorus whilst around it those merciless rhythms continue to incite ears and movement like a puppeteer as the guitars blaze away with raw enterprise and instinctive sonic ire around them.

It is a feverish and inescapable mix which in some ways sees Shevils at their hardcore purest in intensity and power for quite a while. As expected and always with surprising resourcefulness though, the band’s instinct to create a cacophony of anthemic contagion, band vocal roars and rhythms to the fore, that is littered with hooks gripping deeper and lingering longer with every outing, infests One Thousand Years and again sets the band not only aside the crowd but on a plateau ahead of it.

On the evidence of One Thousand Years, we have the thick potential of another essential triumph with The White Sea, something else which will not be a surprise for fans. For the rest it is time to tap into the Shevils hardcore furnace we say but be warned, are your feet and bodies up to it?

One Thousand Years is out from October 3rd with The White Sea due November 6th.

Pete RingMaster 03/10/2015

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