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Increasingly mesmeric with every listen, the new single from Lewisburg lights ears and imagination like a sultry Summers day. Equally though, Of Hollywood embraces a tinge of melancholy and suggestive shadows as magnetic as the warm textures washing over the senses. It is aural tantalising at its best and if arguably not quite a song to turn your day upside down, though for some it might, it will be the moment which lingers the most enjoyably.

Lewisburg is the project of London based singer songwriter Ali Robertson and it was on his return from an eighteen month trip around the world that he began Lewisburg. His early musical days saw him play the bars of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it was not long before his songs were being played on the likes of LA’s radio station, KCRW, especially debut single El Celebro of last year; an acclaimed introduction to his music sparking plaudits and attention around new fans and media alike. Drawing on inspirations such as Phosphorescent, Ryan Adams, and Eels for his provocative blend of folk and indie pop, Robertson now follows the success of his first single and songs like Nowhere Man with the richly alluring Of Hollywood.

cover_RingMaster Review   Co-produced by Robertson and Olly Betts of The Duke Spirit and Furs, Of Hollywood opens on a single strum of guitar but within a couple more seconds or so, becomes a melodic sigh of golden keys and their instant seduction. To that though, there is an underlying and rousing lure of rhythms sparking a controlled but anthemic stroll to the song which perfectly ebbs and flows around the reflective, sandy tones of Robertson. His voice carries an angst lining but as the music equally a captivating expression and texture which just invites the ear. The song continues to blossom a spicy air and sonic adventure around its catchy spine, resulting in one irresistible temptation which just gets stronger and more addictive with every listen.

The same can be said of accompanying song No Plateau, an intoxicating caress of melodic mystique within a sultry immersive climate. There is a surf/psych air to the track’s celestial atmosphere and exotic breath whilst the vocals of Robertson bring a more earth bound emotion and prowess to the tangy flight of the song. With sixties hues also revealing their whispers throughout, the song just enthrals as it completes one impressive release.

As suggested the single does not demand attention with an explosive nature and presence, but flirts and coaxes to the same kind of rewarding success. Lewisburg is the name; one surely to be more recognised and renowned with each passing and evolving release.

Of Hollywood is out now.

Pete RingMaster 18/09/2015

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