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If their debut EP Down To You is an indication of things to come, UK rockers Young States is a band a great many will be paying close attention to over coming years. Young in presence and age, two members barely 18, the Norwich hailing quartet make their striking introduction with four songs sculpted in alternative and indie rock; encounters which are lean on flab and strong on passion, as well as accomplished craft. It is not yet a scene stretching proposal or something to set the pulse racing out of control, but both music and EP are propositions to get ears and appetite eagerly on board and anticipating an inevitable potent progress of the band.

Young States was formed towards the closing of 2014, its members meeting whilst on courses at Access To Music in Norwich. The foursome of guitarists Libby Irons and Amy Jeffery, vocalist/bassist Georgia Leeder, and drummer Molly Draba-Mann subsequently united musically, drawing on a love for and the inspiration of bands like Brand New, Arcane Roots, and Mallory Knox to spark and enrich their own quickly brewing ideas and sound. In no time they were writing their debut release, the striking Down To You EP, which with all things going in their favour, should soon begin sparking the seeds to national attention.

YS down to you EP_RingMaster Review     The release opens with the rousing No More, a song which from a gentle guitar and bass caress bursts into vibrant life with crisp beats keenly poking steely riffs and flavoursome hooks. The vocals, and indeed bass lure, of Leeder quickly adds further invitation to the tenacious blend of rock ‘n’ roll rich with potent whiffs of punk and melodic rock. As enticing as the sound and vocals are, so too is the invention of the songwriting, twists into different textures and the fluid mixing up of energy just imagination shaped resourcefulness. It is the vocal delivery, with Irons adding her rich backing too, which leads the show though in all aspects band and song leaves ears and appetite firmly gripped.

The following Feedback is just as dynamic and quickly persuasive, hooks and melodic tang a flavoursome weave to set things off and an evocative cradle for the subsequent presence of Leeder’s voice. Rippling with enterprise and impassioned attitude, the song reminds of fellow Brits Leopards, especially with its controlled but open creative snarl and generally imposing rhythmic framing. Like all four tracks, it is not littered with big surprises yet there is freshness to it and the Young States invention which sparkles with thick promise and a suggestion of bigger things to come.

Stay takes over next and instantly seduces with a seductively anthemic rolling of beats from Draba-Mann, they leading to and continuing through a sky of melodic beckoning which in turn welcomes ever alluring vocals. Choppy riffs and tendrils of sonic craft wrap and slip between the still persistently virulent rhythms and delivery of Leeder, her bass spreading its darker tones once the rest of the band is busy creating their mesmeric persuasion. Once more the foursome creates passages of melodic elegance and reflection amidst more volatile scenery, and once more the band leaves rich satisfaction in their wake.

The release is brought to a melancholic close through Passing Time, voice and guitar the first evocative kiss on the senses, their second aligned to resonating bass tones and a scuzzier air cast by Irons and Jeffery. The track holds attention firm the first time round but grows into the peak of Down To You over constant listening, its emotionally tempestuous and musically dramatic heart a brewing, highly persuasive theatre of raw energy and skilful craft.

The best song on the EP, it not only completes a highly enjoyable first look at Young States, but in many ways sets the tone for their next and subsequent steps. Distinct originality and unpredictability is still an open hint in their sound but growing nicely as evidenced by Passing Time alone. It is down to them how bold and tenacious they grow but also you by treating yourself to their first nudge on the British rock scene.

The Down To You EP is available from August 7th @

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