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Grippingly immersive and intrusively compelling, it is hard to imagine that the full and rabid landscapes engulfing ears and fiercely seducing the imagination within the Currents EP stem from ideas which simply could not find a place elsewhere. That is assumedly how plenty of side projects and explorations do start, new adventures or ideation unable to fit existing directions spawning new irresistible challenges for their creators to pursue, and this is exactly how Codas emerged at the beginning of this year.

The band is the instrumental solo project of Mario Quintero, a musician known for the bands Sleep Lady and Spotlights. After the former outfit went on hiatus, Quintero and his wife Sarah, the bassist in Sleep Lady, moved to Brooklyn, NY and formed post-rock trio Spotlights. Across the songwriting for both bands certain ideas and creative elements emerged which were not right for either proposition but rather than discard them, they were stored, honed, and blossomed into the experimental presence of Codas and the progressive/post metal tempest of debut release Currents. Consisting of four tracks soaked in ambient trespasses and provocatively striking textures, the EP is a fascinating incitement of ears and thoughts. Not always an easy engagement but one which enthrals and excites from its first sonic proposal to the last.

cover_Reputation Radio/RingMaster ReviewThe Sun Martyr involves ears first, its industrial opening of beats and sonic coaxing quickly awakening the imagination. The hypnotic nature of the rhythms aligned to vibrantly droning guitars, is a swiftly effective and inescapable lure taking the listener into emerging embraces of warm and expressive keys. Around it all though an ever brewing conflict of textures grows, the melodic beauty of the music ultimately swallowed by predatory intensity and a tempestuous climate though still allowed clarity to seduce from within this magnetic storm. It is a spellbinding start to the EP, an intimidating flight through caustic winds over elegant scenery inciting thoughts to draw their own mythological and intimate adventures from the track’s tenacious suggestiveness.

Already the EP has ears and emotions locked in, reinforcing its potency and hold with Follow The Blind. The second track similarly opens with a bait of electronic rhythms entwined by enticing guitar, this time offering a broader tapestry of rock ‘n’ roll as its unveils and expands its spicy temptation. An electronic antagonism is soon courting the blossoming turmoil but so is a more controlled but no less vocal and imposing intensity. Gnawing riffs and a scintillating bass predation voraciously snarl at the inflammation of air and ears whilst synths, guitars, and samples in turn stir up a dystopian atmosphere with their incendiary narratives. Again the song is a roller coaster of intent and emotion, a description fitting all tracks in their united yet individual explorations.

     White Black emerges from the sonic blistering of its predecessor, this electronic scarring deceptively lessening over seconds before expelling a corrosive roar of sound and energy. It is like creative warfare at this point, a maelstrom of melodic invitation and rousing intimidation caught in a ravenous bluster of intensity and emotional rabidity. Every moment, as across all tracks, brings something new to stir thoughts and appetite, a constant flow of twists and often repetitious ingenuity that never allows ears and attention to wander or the imagination to stop dancing with its own rebellious invention within the thick hints of the sounds.

The EP’s title track provides an epic close to the encounter with its fourteen minute journey. The song is a transfixing finale to the episodes of adventure before it but equally casts its own individual travelogue of emotional turbulence and lucidity within another inventively tempestuous soundscape. Arguably the track is a touch over long but undeniably and as the EP, pure sonic artistry unveiling and evoking new dramas within itself and the listener with every listen.

Taken as one fluid flight or as individual exploits, the former the best way to really perceive its strength and depths, Currents is a thoroughly captivating offering. It is not always an easy ride yet every moment is an invigorating incitement on body and emotion that deserves the closest attention from progressive/post metal and rock fans.

The Currents EP is out now via Crowquill Records @ and

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