Target:Renegades – Dark Sounds EP

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As much as Target:Renegades’ debut album [Press Start] impressed and provided an immense enjoyment last year, it suggested there was plenty more within the UK band yet to be explored and brought to the creative surface. It hinted at an originality which it arguably did not really bring in its striking songwriting and gripping sound but now that suggestiveness has been realised with the Dark Sounds EP, and in turn brought Target:Renegades easily their finest moment yet, easily overshadowing what is still a highly accomplished and riveting album.

Hailing from Warrington and with inspirations from the likes of Deftones, Karnivool, Faith No More, and Pearl Jam in their creative intent, Target:Renegades quickly drew keen and increasing attention with their explosive live performances and equally dynamic hard rock seeded songs. First release, the Corruption For Beginners EP, poked wider awareness in 2012, backing up a growing live reputation which has only been cemented and enhanced over the past years as the North-West quartet shared stages with the likes of The Vibrators, Sumo Cyco, and I Am Giant. As mentioned [Press Start] thrust the strongest spotlight on the band yet with its unleashing in 2014, radio play and media acclaim joining the support of Target:Renegades’ ever increasing and loyal fan base. Now we have Dark Sounds, four songs which push the band amongst bigger more established boys, and shows most of them a ferocious thing or two.

The release opens with the outstanding We Are Dead, a track taking no time in stirring up the passions. From an opening roll of drums, spicy grooves and ravenous riffs quickly enclose ears as the beats of Matt Reid bash the senses. It is an irresistible start which only increases its grip on ears and imagination as vocalist Adam Hulse brings his ever gruff and enticing tones out to play within the tenacious scenery of the song. The bass of Jack Hamnett courts it all with an almost carnivorously dark and throaty sound, a psychopathic texture against the virulent torrent of addictive hooks and incendiary grooves uncaged by guitarist Dan Fido. The song proceeds to storm the senses with a chorus soaked in anthemic persuasion, though to be honest that applies to the whole of the infection posing as a song. Everything about the encounter is memorable and lingering, an epidemic of bruising and creatively salacious rock ‘n’ roll, and the best thing penned by the band yet, though definitely rivalled later.

Cover_Reputation Radio/RingMaster Review The following Filthy similarly needs few seconds to awaken ears and appetite with its dirtily inviting presence. Once more the bass of Hamnett is a bear of a proposal within the song, its grouchy tones aligned to the keen edged swipes of Reid whilst complimenting the ever magnetic and gravelly delivery of Hulse. Compared to its predecessor, the song is a more restrained proposal with the enterprise of Fido less expansive, yet it offers some of the richest hooks and suggestive melodies found on the release. It is also a song rich with a variety of essences, at times a grungy rapacity fuelling its invention and in others a more punkish air, whilst its spine is just predatory rock ‘n’ roll.

Latest single Brave Coward is next and it too is a pinnacle in the Target:Renegades invention. A melancholic melody wraps ears initially, its potent lure quickly inviting a more agitated but still checked enterprise of rhythms. The strings of Fido continue to seduce and bewitch as a rawer air brews around them and the voice of Hulse. The singer again reveals more of his diversity and prowess, his reflective croon and impassioned roar within the song an incitement to ears and the intensity of the exceptional encounter. It is an ingenious tempest of a track, whether bellowing with anthemic and emotional ferocity or seducing with its melodic resourcefulness, it has ears engrossed and the passions enslaved.

Dark Sounds is closed by Losing Now, a more classic hard rock prowl in ears but again a track with a web of additional flavours and skilful tenacity. The song also grumbles from start to finish, bass and riffs an antagonistic temptation around which vocals and imagination cast a magnetic tapestry of snarling adventure. Though maybe not as an immediate stirring of the blood and passions as its predecessors, the track grows and intensifies its persuasion with every passing minute and subsequent listen, bringing the EP to an impressive end and spotlighting more of the expanding depths in the band’s sound and intent.

The national rock landscape is blessed with some of the most exciting emerging and potential scene changing propositions right now and Target:Renegades is right there amongst them. In fact with Dark Sounds now in their arsenal, they are on the frontline. British rock ‘n’ roll is on the prowl!

The Dark Sounds EP is released at the end of June with pre-orders taken @

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Perfect Fault – Electric Mountain EP

perfect fault photo

What to do if you have some spare time from your day job. Well if you are guitarist/vocalist Hywel Griff (Howl Griff), guitarist/vocalist Dan Edwards (Sons of Merrick/ Pig Irön), bassist Rob Taylor (Profane and the Sacred), and drummer Mark Sharpless (Sons of Merrick), you get a band together called Perfect Fault, descend on a studio, and create some tenaciously rousing rock ‘n’ roll. The result of their exploits is the thoroughly enjoyable Electric Mountain EP, a release unafraid to weave a tapestry of recognisable flavours into songs which what they lack in originality they compensate with hook laden virulence.

Recorded at the Cariad Studios in South London as mentioned on a downtime from its creator’s main projects, Electric Mountain is a richly pleasing stomp and a four track appetiser for a proposed album later in the year. It is fair to say that the release stokes the fires of anticipation for that prospect as easily as it leaves ears wanting more. Sometimes you only want sounds to rock out with, something adventurous within its own confines that fills the gap like a favourite meal, and Electric Mountain fits the bill from start to finish.

The encounter opens with its lead single Headstrong and immediately takes ears in a hug of crisp beats, bruising riffs, and a lure of spicy grooving. Vocals are a quick protagonist too, bounding across the increasingly eventful landscape of the song with relish and an anthemic presence to match the sounds around them. There is an old school feel to the song, its punkish tempting having a ring of rockers like Eddie and the Hot Rods and Dr. Feelgood whilst equally there is a grungier essence reminiscent of nineties band Skyscraper to the roar of the terrific opener. The song maybe a little low on surprises but in offering rich enjoyment it is full to bursting, just as its successor.

Electric Mountain Artwork   The following Cup Runneth Over strolls in on a seventies rock like toning around inviting beats but is soon embracing a great agitated vocal presence which in turn stirs up the fluidity of the music, jerky beats and riffs colluding with jagged hooks before slipping into a Cheap trick like melodic crooning. The invention continues to catch expectations by surprise, and though we have suggested originality is the rarest commodity on the EP there is no doubting the band turns established textures and flavours into something fresh and spicy.

As fun and satisfying as the first two tracks are, the greater triumphs come in its second half starting with Flowers On The Lamppost. Prowling, almost predatory riffs and rhythms court ears first before vocals add their dark intent to the enticing mix. Once more a punk edge and attitude fuels the proposal whilst its chorus has a seventies glam rock vitality reminding of bands like The Tubes, though without going anywhere near the theatrical excesses of the Americans. Thumping rhythms steer the track with varying intimidation straight into the core of appetite and passions whilst the post punk like enterprise of the guitars works impressively on the imagination. The song is a mini kaleidoscope of flavours within a menacing stalking and easily the best thing on the release.

The closing Dodo is like a mix of its two predecessors, once more punk and melodic rock uniting in a tantalising concoction of mischievous sound and ideation. Into its gripping stride the track swaggers like a blend of Top Buzzer and Terrorvision, a creative treaty bound in a sonic lure of psyche and groove rock making a compelling end to an increasingly intoxicating release.

Electric Mountain definitely needs numerous plays to really appreciate what is going on as plenty of its unique endeavours are understated within the anthemic surface of familiarity, but from its first touch the EP is a highly satisfying escapade to get hungry over. Roll on an album we say.

The Electric Mountain EP is available now via Cariad Records @

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Little Eris – Karma To You


Karma To You is the third single from Little Eris on Original Human Records, and once again with a new twist of her imagination and sound, the South Wales bred songstress has ears smothered in inescapable infectiousness and the thoughts lost in captivation.

The new single follows the punkier power pop adventure of Wreck n Rollin and could not be any more different whilst still being something distinctly unique to its creator. Little Eris, aka Bronwen Davies (former vocalist and bass player with Freaky Fortnight), has been stirring up appetites and attention since emerging in 2008 and unveiling her first songs it is fair to say, the release of 13 track debut album Molecules R Us as a free download and subsequently a limited edition CD awakening strong and keen responses. Live also the lady has been an acclaimed presence, the sharing of stages with artists such as Viv Albertine and touring the UK with The Great Wreck and Roll Cirkus alongside Here & Now and Eat Static some of the highlights so far. Debut single So Many Nights in 2012 was a potent spark on ears whilst Wreck n Rollin stirred up even broader awareness for the diverse and unpredictable adventure of the Little Eris contagion last year. Now Karma To You has its unveiling and rapidly incites the thought that this might be the moment that a national spotlight is switched on.

Whereas Wreck n Rollin was as mentioned a bracing riot of a power punk proposal, Karma To You is a warm celestial caress of electro pop awash with mystical and melodic spicery. Equally though, it strolls along with a tenaciously catchy demeanour and a broad melodic smile to its magnetic enterprise. In many ways there are two sides to the bewitching song working simultaneously, atmospherically the song a spatial flight yet there is also a striking intimacy to the encounter, both linked by the repetitious use of beats and lyrical tempting.

Karma To You strongly reminds of eighties band Monsoon, though musically their similarities are far less open than their differences. It is a hint though to the majesty and kiss on the senses of the single and it would not be a surprise if the song found the same kind of success for Little Eris.

Karma To You is out now via Original Human Records from most online stores.

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In Search of Sun – The World is Yours

In search of sun band pic 2

In 2012 UK rockers Driven released the outstanding A Breakdown Of Character EP, an introduction which lit ears with a combined skilled invention and explosive potential leading to declarations of major success for the band ahead. Then they fell quiet and off the map, or so we thought here at The RR. In fact what happened was the band took on the name of In Search of Sun, an event and realisation lost as wave upon wave of propositions elsewhere persistently continued to grab attention. So it was a surprise and thrill to receive The World is Yours from Emma at Pluggin’ Baby, the new single from the London hailing In Search of Sun, and find ourselves accosted by a familiar but seriously fresh and impressive presence. Taken from the band’s 2014 album with the same name as the single, something else we annoyingly missed, The World is Yours is a blaze of contagious and tempestuous strains of metal and rock feeding the appetite and inciting the passions as the quintet get to work on their new songs and release.

The beginnings of the band were cast in a fiercer, uncompromising seeding of sound but even then the music never lacking insistent grooving and open diversity. In no time Driven/ In Search of Sun was an attention grabbing proposition live, the sharing of stages with the likes of Evil Scarecrow, Knuckledust, Absolva, Mortad, Painted Smiles, IKILLYA, Skreamer, Second Rate Angels, Stormbringer, Sacred Mother Tongue, Cypher 16, Cambion, The More I See and many more on their CV to date. September of last year saw the release of The World is Yours through Raging Demon Entertainment, a seriously well-received encounter now spawning its title track as the band’s new single.

In Search of Sun band pic 1   Produced by Phil Kinman (Deadly Circus Fire/Tank/Paul Di’Anno) and mastered by Harry Hess (Cancer Bats), the single quickly grips attention with its opening flame of sound. Guitars stroke ears as a lovely dark bass tone resonates amidst the more percussive rhythms. The first few seconds gives no hint to the direction of the song though, its opening bait suggesting anything from a raging riot of sound, to a ska kissed saunter, or indeed a rock pop escapade. Once a spicy groove emerges all bets are on a fiery proposal of rock ‘n’ roll, anticipation confirmed as the excellent sandy vocals of Adam Leader step forward. He is instantly recognisable for these ears as too the flavoursome craft of guitarists Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer who are soon spinning a web of enterprise and sonic imagination. The rigorous rhythms of drummer Sean Gorman and pulsating bass lures of Faz Couri provide another irresistible enticing of contagious bait, thoughts of that first EP there but in the background as everything align to impressive and roar like the devilish offspring of a union between Bloodsimple, P.O.D., and Nonpoint.

Hooks and grooves spring from every direction as the track continues to create an irresistible anthemic tempting on ears and emotions, and it is easy to suggest the band has realised all the promise from that first encounter way back whilst opening the lid to a vat of even more exciting potential. In Search of Sun rigorously impressed back in 2012 and three years later, well they have lit a new major fire with The World is Yours.

New single The World is Yours is out now on iTunes and the album available via

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The Landed – She

The Landed new band pic 2

Whether the summer will be a blaze of sun or a flood of rain time will tell over the coming weeks but undoubtedly it will be a feel good moment in time thanks to singles like She from UK indie band The Landed. A melodic romance for the senses and catchy enticing for the body, the song is a lively bubbling of pop rock unafraid to weave in some blues sultriness and melodic guitar jangle amongst its captivating spicing.

The Landed hails from Colchester, two brothers and two friends who since uniting musically and initially playing covers, has persistently developed and honed their songwriting and sound. It was also a beginning allowing the quartet of Paul and David Hale, Dan Currie, and Paul Jannece to learn their stage craft, exploring what made great songs tick and audiences come alive then infusing it into their own emerging imagination and music. Last year saw the release of their self-titled debut EP, a collection of six songs quickly luring attention and acclaim from fans as well as the likes of Tom Robinson at 6 Music and Huw Stephens at Radio 1. Now it is She beginning to stir up eager spotlights upon The Landed, a song which for us is undoubtedly the band’s most vibrant and mouth-watering offering yet.

She coverFrom its first breath the song is a lively incitement of guitar jangle and warm melodic temptation, and only increasing its coaxing as the excellent vocals and a moodier but still radiant bassline enters the revelry. Crisp beats provide the heartbeat of the song, the bass the drive, and both come wrapped in the creative and adventurous colour of harmonies and guitar. Within its flowing dance of sound and energy there is also a healthy unpredictability at play in the track, showing itself more openly in certain places more than in others but constantly lurking within the smiling character of the song’s anthemic stroll and endeavour.

She is a sparkling and mesmeric seducing of pop/indie rock from a band with the knack of shifting feet as heartily as they ignite ears and imagination. The Landed have certainly grown-up since their early creative days, and indeed since their first EP to give the coming weeks a definite ray of sunshine.

She is out now
Upcoming live dates:

6th June – University of Essex
28th June – Colchester Free Festival

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