Insane Therapy – The Decline Of The Human Race


There is nothing more invigorating than a good breath-taking aural savaging and that is easily what you get from The Decline Of The Human Race, the latest album from Italian metallers Insane Therapy. The nine-track predator is a gripping and inventive slab of deathcore violation, one not appearing to have an interest in rewriting the genre’s rules but certainly with plenty of imagination and skilled craft to excite and leave satisfaction overflowing.

Insane Therapy began in 2009, the brainchild of guitarists Emilio Ciavucco and Moreno Federico. The Pescara outfit soon grew to a quintet with the addition of drummer Emanuele Sulli, vocalist Simone Evangelista, and bassist Daniele. The bass department was soon taken over by Marco with the band recording the well-received Veil of Silence demo in 2010. A three way spilt with Persuaded and Bleeding Surface followed a year later, whilst live the band showed a relentless hunger. 2012 saw the current line-up in place as Andrea Giordano took over bass duties from Marco who left the band the previous year. It was a time which also saw the band concentrate on their songwriting and return to ‘active duty’ with a new maturity and ferocity as impressively evidenced upon The Decline Of The Human Race. Signing with Sliptrick Records last year, Insane Therapy are now roaring at the broadest spotlight with the worldwide release of their debut album, and though it might take time for others to catch on, it is hard to imagine band and release not awakening keen attention.

COVER   The album opens with the brief but ear grabbing The Beginning of the End. Samples and a web of distant but looming sonic intimidation sets things off, its sudden stop the key to an immediate challenge of riffs and rhythms escorted by raw antagonistic vocals. There is plenty for the imagination to consider in the track’s one minute 15 seconds or so, but no time to settle on it as Masochistic Act rears its hostile head out of the sonic breath of its predecessor. Again riffs and rhythms accost and tenderise the senses with unbridled but controlled hostility whilst guitars bind their aggression with toxic strands of sonic enterprise. Like a mix of Meshuggah and Whitechapel, the track assaults and captivates; the great vocal variation from Evangelista just as magnetic as the skilful dance of melodies and psyche spearing viciousness cast around them. As suggested earlier arguably the band is not venturing into new areas with their sound and songs but hell it is a riveting and contagiously addictive enjoyment all the same.

The End of the Lies reveals more of the melodic invention within the band’s music at its start, an inviting landscape straight away offered but of course in no time a raw and vicious turbulence felt. Whether a full pelt violation with nostrils flared or a predatory prowling of ears, the track never lets the listener off the hook. Every beat crackles with intimidation, every bassline growls with rancor, whilst the vocals are simply a furnace of discontent and defiance. Within this though Ciavucco and Federico, as well as adding sonic abuse weave a fascinating enticement of melodic and imagination fuelled temptation. At times it is understated in the surrounding maelstrom and in others stealing ears and thoughts with open invention, but constantly an intrigue sparking tempering and compliment to the raging tempest.

Here We Are brawls with and incites the senses next, again providing a fierce cauldron of vocal diversity and technical excellence to devour and fear before the outstanding Fuck You All sweet talks the passions with its hardcore meets deathcore corruption. Featuring The Juliet Massacre, the toxic animus of sound and presence is a startling onslaught and pure contagion. Seemingly entwining every style of extreme metal vocal delivery imaginable, in a similarly intensive bedlam of sound and violence, the song reveals a precisely scripted and applied design which is as skilled as it is irresistible.

Album and band continue to only impress and ignite ears through Never Live to Regret and The Human Decay, both tracks continuing the strong individualism of songs within a constant barrage of physical and emotional intensity. Credit must be given to the production for the clarity given to every element of songs and band without ever compromising the sonic tirades and blistering weight of the release. The pair keeps a greedy appetite inflamed before making way for the corrosive presence of I Only Answer to Myself, the song a primal entangling of jagged riffs, knee buckling breakdowns, and vocal animosity, and that is only scratching the first layer. Lyrically too, songs come as compromising and hard hitting as the sounds, the penultimate track a merciless threat in all departments.

The Decline Of The Human Race closes with Hatred, the song as you can imagine not exactly a lullaby, though to be fair its opening is the most restrained and calm on the album but still a tempestuous lure before evolving into another exacting adversarial trespass. It is an enthralling exhausting end to a relentlessly thrilling encounter. Though The Decline Of The Human Race stalks recognisable boundaries there is no predictability about the release or the songs within. Each offers a fresh adventure from another and though their sound is not bordering on unique, Insane Therapy is certainly not part of the crowd.

The Decline Of The Human Race is available via Sliptrick Records now @

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