Funerary Bell – Graveyard Séance EP


Recently signing with Saturnal Records, Finnish occult black metallers Funerary Bell unveil their first proposition with the label in the Graveyard Séance EP. It is two tracks of primal and insidiously compelling sound, a release eating at the soul whilst seducing the senses with its black-hearted evocation. It is four years since the release of the band’s debut album The Coven, and two since cassette EP Horrific TransCosmic Overture, and it is fair to say that the Jyväskylä band has evolved an even darker more enthralling side to their creativity since then.

Now a five-piece since the recording of the album, consisting of band founder and vocalist/keyboardist Invoker of the Shadows, guitarists Not of This World and Caller of Sepulchral Doom (lead and rhythm respectively), bassist Henchman of the Untamed Forces, and drummer Neverending Storm of Mars, Funerary Bell are also working on their second full-length. Graveyard Séance in many ways is the teaser to that upcoming adventure, a sign of where the band is in sound and going in ideation. Safe to say, that its two tracks will only breed an even hungrier edge to the anticipation already brewing up for the album, which will also be released on Saturnal Records.

Funerary_Bell_-_Graveyard_Seance_Cover     Afterlife On Earth is first up on Graveyard Séance, a swiftly in place turbulent stroll of rumbling rhythms, senses worrying riffs, and a sonic weave of melodic intrigue. Just as quickly the ruinous nature of the vocals and narrative is working away on the imagination too, whilst keys wrap it all in alluring psyche rock colours. As predatory and intrusive as the track is, its contagious undercurrent most steals the appetite as also the sultry mystique which infests guitars and the bewitching melodic enterprise erupting throughout the incitement. Unafraid to weave in some classic metal hues into the blackened devilry playing with and exciting ears, band and track create a swing and infectiousness to the ruinous climate which only leaves a good taste and hunger for more of the infernal trespass.

The following Eleanor’s Garden is a slower, even more predatory prowl with a heavier atmosphere and touch to match. Its gothic air, courtesy of keys, only adds to the doomy immersive qualities of its crawling presence. There is also real bleakness to the dark charm cast by strings and keys, an intrusive melancholy which almost has a life of its own, one just as keen to seduce and ravish the senses.

Impressively different but aligning to provide a highly riveting teaser of things to come, both tracks provide evidence that Funerary Bell are as impressive and vital as ever within blackened metal circles, but might be heading to their finest devouring of the senses yet.

The Graveyard Séance EP is available now via Saturnal Records @

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