Roxanne de Bastion – Rerun


With a nomadic element to her life, Berlin and London alternative bases for her musical travels, Roxanne de Bastion also brings that kind of adventure to her music, as evidenced by debut album The Real Thing of 2013. It was a release revealing the depths and diversity to the singer songwriter’s sound as well as the richly alluring textures of her voice. Now she releases new single Rerun, a caress of melodic seduction which mesmerises ears as it ignites the imagination.

Seemingly born to write and perform songs, Berlin born and raised Roxanne learnt the guitar as a youngster to enable her to pursue her ‘purpose in life’. Once leaving school she brought a one-way ticket to the UK in 2007, based herself with bag and guitar in London and set about carving out a musical path through an eager appetite and constant travelling across the country for live appearances. The single Red and White Blood Cells especially awoke keen attention in new fans and media alike with its release in 2012 followed by the captivating offering of Real Thing. Last year the engaging Seeing You EP via Hidden Trail Records came along, another proposition revealing new and fresh strings to the creative bow of Roxanne, and now backed by the release of Rerun which comes from the impressive encounter.

Beguiling from its first breath, Rerun instantly caresses ears with voice and piano, Roxanne’s tones slipping over the senses with melodic romance and expressive colour. Darker beats add a touch of shadow whilst emerging strings bring a melancholic air alongside the inescapable smile of the lady’s voice. And like that the bewitching song continues to transfix, managing to be simultaneously catchy and emotively sorrowful whilst entangling bright and dimmer textures in one seductive embrace.

There is wealth of stunning vocalists and emotionally empowered songwriters, but not so many coming in one creative body. Roxanne de Bastion is one and her new single simply spellbinding.

Rerun is available from April 27th

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