Lawless Hearts – Creatures Of Habit


Coming off a highly successful 2014 which saw the band play Austin’s renowned SXSW and undertake a praise earning European tour, Florida quintet Lawless Hearts look to make this year just as potent in their emergence with the release of debut EP Creatures Of Habit. Offering four songs which draw on some of the best essences of classic rock for a modern slice of rock ‘n’ roll, the release is an attention grabbing and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the band.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Lawless Hearts takes inspirations from the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Foo Fighters into their energetic and melodically expressive sound but equally as their EP pleasures the ears, it is easy to suggest that maybe artists like Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and The Pretenders have made some impact on the band’s tastes too. Creatures Of Habit is not a proposition which blows you away or reeks of major originality, due to those influences maybe, but equally it does have a blaze of freshness and enterprise which ensures the band is not just one of the crowd.

Creatures_Large     The EP’s title track is the first song to touch ears and instantly wraps them in a sonic embrace which soon broadens into a potent stroll framed by pungent rhythms and coloured by a guitar bred melodic enticing. Things settle down with the full entry of Alex Marie’s magnetic vocals, her impressive voice swiftly a full engagement between ears and pleasure backed strongly by members of the band. The guitar of Michael Thomas also brings another rich ‘voice’ to the encounter, infusing the song with more imagination melodies around a flame soiling solo. As riffs from rhythm guitarist Justus Sutherland similarly entice and the dark throaty tones of Rob Joseph’s bass enthrals, the song blossoms into a flavoursome captivation.

The fiery air and textures of the first song continue to be explored by the following If I Have To which erupts with an immediate pop rock infectiousness. The crisp beats of drummer Corey Ahlquist hold court across the infectious encounter, driving things on in a vivacious stroll as vocals and guitars cast their individual tenacity and feisty charm. Like its predecessor, and the EP as a whole, it is hard to say you will hear anything startlingly new yet for enjoyable and refreshing rock sounds and imagination Lawless Hearts leaves no one wanting. The delivery of Alex Marie, as the sounds seems, to gain even greater heat in its passion too whilst the guitars once more dazzle in craft and adventure.

Oblivion is the source of that earlier mentioned hint of The Pretenders, the evocative hues around its verse especially reminiscent of the distinct flavour found in the UK/US band. A more restrained but no less impassioned proposition, the track provides a rock pop croon thick on emotion and full to the gills with transfixing vocals and harmonies.

It is final song Fallout which steals the show though, opening with a reflective balladry which evolves into a mighty rock ‘n’ roll stomp complete with rumbling rhythms, vocal roars, and melodic intoxication. The track is irresistible and alone reeks of the potential within Lawless Hearts which suggests this is a band really going places. The other tracks on the EP are no slouches in making similar hints, but the last proposition on the EP simply soars above their accomplished and enjoyable presences to majorly impress. Once more it is probably right to say no new templates are being set in place with the song but rock music does not often come much better or thrilling.

With their first album also appearing to be in the works for 2015, it is looking like being another big year for Lawless Hearts with Creatures Of Habit a rich and pleasing start for it and the suspected wakening of big spotlights upon the band.

Creatures of Habit is available from April 21st via Pavement Entertainment on most online stores.

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