OATHS go on ‘Stag Party’ on Monday 13th April

Oaths cover

Combining riot inducing progressive hardcore with party-starting melodic hooks, Northern newcomers ‘Oaths ‘ are set to introduce themselves to the world with their infectious debut EP, ‘Stag Party’, out Monday 13th April.

Reared on a hearty diet of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw, Every Time I Die and Norma Jean, and taking on board the contagious craft of Deaf Havana, Oaths produce music that is ball breaking, intense and accessible.

Spawned from the ashes of a handful of local bands from the North, Oaths sprung to life during the Summer of 2013 and consist of Michaela (Guitars, Vocals), Chris (Drums), Topher (Vocals), Curtis (Guitar) and Jack (Bass). The newly formed quintet then began to pen a cluster of songs and wasted no time in hitting the live circuit. After soaking up tour life in 2014 with gigs up and down the country, the band are now looking to step it up a gear with festivals and a European excursion on the agenda, and a weeklong UK tour in March alongside fellow post-hardcore merchants ‘Faces of Eve’.

At the end of last year Oaths headed to the studio, recruiting Mike Bennett from Empires Fade to handle production duties, and swiftly cut their debut EP ‘Stag Party’. The record delivers on all fronts, exploding with hammering rhythms and cut-throat riffs. Opener, and future single ‘Lover, Another’ portrays the band at their best; the track is an adrenaline-fuelled blast of grimy twisted hardcore complete with a delectable hook ‘Amsterdam’ continues to kick you in the teeth with its snarling riffery and impressive vocal delivery. ‘I Am The Danger’ (http://youtu.be/95_Gz65TTg8) is the fivesome’s current single, and it impressively brings the debauchery to an end with high octane scuzzy grooves that split and severe your senses. Plans are afoot to take ‘Stag Party’ on tour throughout the whole of Europe; so hold on tight—things are gonna get dirty. Oaths are about to pound on your door.


https://www.facebook.com/OathsUK https://twitter.com/OathsUK

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